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7 Ways To Create a Product in an Hour or Less

    How do you create a product? Nothing happens until you make a sale but of course to make a sale you need something to sell. In this segment we will look at the business model of product creation. If you want to create a product you need to know your target market, what problem they are looking to solve in terms of your area of expertise, create a product, prepare it for sale and delivery. There’s more than one method of product creation and to a degree it depends on your circumstances as to which is going to work best for… Read More »7 Ways To Create a Product in an Hour or Less

    create a product fast

    How to Produce Your Information Product Fast

      48 hours. They made a TV show about that though that’s not what I’m talking about. What if you could create an information product in 48 hours and have it online with a buy button attached so it can start to sell? Here’s the idea. 1.   Create a report, say 20 pages with actual how-to steps. 2.  Sell the report.  $$ 3. Have an upsell on the download page to an affiliate offer or your own product. $$ 4.  Add a sales page, a download page, promotional emails and a video or two. 5. Sell resale rights and limit… Read More »How to Produce Your Information Product Fast

      creating content ideas

      21 Content Types to Inspire You

        Sometimes we get writer’s block and just need a nudge to think about what to write. Tools like this are wonderful. I’ve printed it out to refer to when I get stuck – and to remind me to stay on target with audience needs.                                             Follow each of these and you’ve got 21 ready-to-be-consumed blog entries. Then start again, and again. Evergreen stuff. Source –

        morning routines

        7 Morning Routines to Adopt

          I know, I know. You’re busy enough already. But seriously, if you’re not improving you’re standing still and the world keeps moving without you. Successful people are habitual and the habits they inculcate serve them, or they wouldn’t keep doing them. So learn from those who are successful and apply their practices to your life. Maybe you can emulate their success. Anik Singal recently posted about 7 Things Rich People Do Every Morning and from my viewpoint they are worthy of trialling and testing to see  what improvement you can make over 30 days. Read Every Day. Read to learn,… Read More »7 Morning Routines to Adopt

          article writing

          Writing Articles – Is It Still Good for Business?

            “Article writing is dead!” “You can’t get business that way anymore.” “It doesn’t help you get visitors to your site.” So say the heretics who still think of article writing as subbing pieces to places like etc. True, it might be a while since you’ve seen any articles pop up in a search that derive from EZA or other similar sites. Truth is though that when you know how to do it right, article writing is still a valid and valuable activity. Back in the day (and sadly some still do this), some folks would write one article and pump… Read More »Writing Articles – Is It Still Good for Business?

            Productivity Tip – Weekend Plans

              Weekends are great. They give you a chance to connect with others, rejuvenate your brain and body and unplug from the everyday. For some it’s the only time they get to work ON their business. Make sure you carve out 30-60 minutes from the weekend to sit down uninterrupted. Get a coffee or tea. Grab a pen and paper. Jot down all the things that worked well for you last week. What you attempted, what you got done, what you achieved. Think about the week in a positive way if it wasn’t all good news for you. Pull out the… Read More »Productivity Tip – Weekend Plans