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5 Essential Things To Do to SEO Your Domain

    SEO is less of a dark art and more of knowing what to do to improve your chance of being ranked and found in the search results. One critical SEO process is ensuring you set up your domains in Google’s webmaster tools. Changing your website in any way – adding a new domain, moving a site from subdomain to root, upgrading to SSL/HTTPS – means you need to help Google to find you properly. I know I have been guilty of buying a domain, getting my website set up, feeling pleased with how the site looks and then … crickets.… Read More »5 Essential Things To Do to SEO Your Domain

    SSL implemented fully

    Setting Up SSL – The Full Story

      SSL is the new world of the web and if you don’t have it then be prepared to drop in the rankings and possibly lose prospective customers. Setting up SSL is a task in itself. I hired someone to do that for me because my host did not allow Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. I had to use a different system and to be frank I couldn’t be bothered learning how to do it. I had better things to spend my time on. What I did learn though is that it is simple but not easy. Lot’s of fiddling with nameservers,… Read More »Setting Up SSL – The Full Story

      create products fast

      Create Products Fast – Easy Product Creation

        Why worry about how to create products fast? Building any business – online or bricks & mortar – has the same fundamentals. You need something to sell, you need people who want what you sell, and you need a way to get them to where you sell your products. Product, buyers, marketing. The biggest stumbling block for anyone starting out in business is creating their own products – it takes seemingly forever to get something up with a buy button on it. Ask me how I know 🙂 Here’s a super easy and quick way to get your fundamental business… Read More »Create Products Fast – Easy Product Creation

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        SSL Certificates : Installing on Your 1and1 Website

          Setting up an SSL certificate is not only good business, it’s essential SEO practice! (SSL adds and extra layer of security between a browser and your website via an encrypted link) People are becoming aware of SSL – looking for that “https” sign, either through a little green icon or a lock or some other indicator. It’s a sign of trust and security … to a degree. At the least it makes people feel that they are dealing with a site that looks after their data. On top of that, search engines are giving preference in their algorithms to sites… Read More »SSL Certificates : Installing on Your 1and1 Website

          email marketing

          Email Marketing – The Problem With It

            My email marketing has been dormant for any number of reasons yet I instinctively know that it is one of the best ways to connect with your fan base, build relationships and generate sales. So when I received an email from NAMS today, I sat up and took notice. I thought the email was worth sharing here too for everyone else to think about. “Email marketing is one of the areas I find my students get the most stuck. But it’s also the area that can drive the most profits in your business so when I hear people are stuck,… Read More »Email Marketing – The Problem With It

            check broken links

            SEO Tip – Install Broken Link Plugin

              Broken links or outdated links can really harm your SEO efforts. Getting ranked is problematic if search engines see lots of 404’s and more being returned. In migrating a website from one CMS platform to another I chose to use an online broken link checker. There are a few available for free. Some will give a complete listing, others will give a sample. Some will check all your site, some you can just check a directory. I am running my development on a test site. Using the online tools was useful but tedious. If all else fails – check the… Read More »SEO Tip – Install Broken Link Plugin