How To Set Up a New Toshiba Satellite L640

    I just picked up a great little Toshie at Dick Smith. It has an i5 processor, 2gb RAM (I’ll add more later) and 320gb HDD. I was after a 13.3” i5 but this 14” was offered up at a great price so I grabbed it.

    When I bought my last laptop (Sony Vaio), I made the mistake of just using it. I didn’t realise there were things I had to do BEFORE I started adding programs and data to it.

    So, here’s what I recommend.

    1. Take the machine out of the box and plug in the cable. (Doh!)
    2. Turn it on.
    3. The start up process begins. If you have Windows Home Premium, it will ask whether you want to set-up 32 bit or 64 bit. Here’s the deal. Choose 64 bit if you have 4gb or more RAM ANDRead More »How To Set Up a New Toshiba Satellite L640

    Remove Search-Conduit in FireFox

      I installed a program a while ago and since then, my search function in FireFox had been hijacked. All searches from the toolbar are wrapped up in a site which is incredibly annoying. It does not perform well as a search tool and it tracks everything you do, like most search tools. I have a suspicion either Vuze or PDF Creator may have been the culprits. There’s little info about how to remove search conduit. I found a dead-easy way to do it that seems to have worked. Want the solution? Just contact us and we will send you… Read More »Remove Search-Conduit in FireFox

      Increase Your Blog’s Life

        Blogging sounds great and everyone thinks they should have one … but they are work. Here’s a guide by denise wakeman on social media examiner that everyone should read. it will help to make blogging operate much more smoothly and increase your chances of success.   10 Steps for Starting Your Blog Before you get to the nitty-gritty of setting up your blog, there is some pre-work to do. This will ensure you start right and put your best foot forward 1. Before you do anything else, examine the reasons why you want to publish a blog. What is the purpose… Read More »Increase Your Blog’s Life