7 Morning Routines to Adopt

7 Morning Routines to Adopt

I know, I know. You’re busy enough already. But seriously, if you’re not improving you’re standing still and the world keeps moving without you.

Successful people are habitual and the habits they inculcate serve them, or they wouldn’t keep doing them. So learn from those who are successful and apply their practices to your life. Maybe you can emulate their success.

Anik Singal recently posted about 7 Things Rich People Do Every Morning and from my viewpoint they are worthy of trialling and testing to see  what improvement you can make over 30 days.

  1. Read Every Day. Read to learn, to expand your mindset or knowledge, to improve your skills. Read an actual book for ten minutes a day and you’ll increase your thinking.
  2. Plan Your Day. Ideally you do this the night before so you wake up and get into it. If not, do it first up in the morning. Make a list of the things you can complete today to move your business forward. Then make a list of other things you need to do today, but do the important stuff first.
  3. Hydrate Yourself. Drink enough water to prevent dehydration and get oxygen into your brain cells and body. At least one litre a day to start.
  4. Take Vitamins. Most of us need B-complex, B12 and Vit D. If you’re not sure check with your medical practitioner. A multi-vitamin will give you a daily boost.
  5. Exercise and Stretch. Just ten minutes when you wake up to get your joints moving, move your blood around your body and wake up your cells. Your body will thank you for it.
  6. Eat Breakfast. Yes, you might be able to go through to 3pm on an empty tummy but having even a small breakfast improves your productivity throughout the day. Try and have a little protein – an egg on toast takes minutes to make. A vegetable juice is a good quick and easy standby.
  7. Take Quiet Time. Give yourself ten minutes every morning just to sit and think quietly or meditate or just be. This practice readies your brain for the day, lets you clear your head and sets your mind for the day.

So those are Anik’s 7 Points and my explanation.

What do you do habitually every morning?

How well does it set you up for the day?

If not too well then give these morning practices a go for a month. Stick to them and see the difference in your attitude and performance.  Let’s know how you go.

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