Productivity Tip – Weekend Plans

Productivity Tip – Weekend Plans


Weekends are great. They give you a chance to connect with others, rejuvenate your brain and body and unplug from the everyday. For some it’s the only time they get to work ON their business.

Make sure you carve out 30-60 minutes from the weekend to sit down uninterrupted. Get a coffee or tea. Grab a pen and paper. Jot down all the things that worked well for you last week. What you attempted, what you got done, what you achieved. Think about the week in a positive way if it wasn’t all good news for you. Pull out the lessons to be learned.

Next, note the things you want to get done this coming week. Try and guesstimate a timeframe. List them in order of importance. Remember if you get one or two of your important things done early then you can move onto the urgent and regular stuff. The important things are those that will move you closer to your bigger goals.

This reflective planning period isn’t meant to be deep or stressful. If you’re not a planner by nature this is a good habit to get into. Use a journal if you want to keep track of how things are going for you.

Take a little time out and work ON your business. That way you can wake up Monday, hit your straps and get more done..

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