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Using Video to Build Your List

    People love to have a personal connection with people with whom they do business. By presenting yourself on video you extend your capacity to reach out to people and deepen the relationship. Slide Presentation Sure, there’s nothing wrong with using a slide presentation as a video presentation. It is very effective and if you brand it well you can still build your brand. Having YOU in the picture though is much more powerful. Record a ‘Live’ Video As easy way to do get video up is to use a Google Hangout, or a Facebook Live session to run a short… Read More »Using Video to Build Your List

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    Creating a Download People Will Use

      Getting new leads by offering a free product for prospects to download in return for their email address usually involves a PDF download. More often than not these are pretty forgettable and frequently not valued. At worst your report will collect digital dust as soon as your prospect downloads it. A way to engage prospects more with your offer is to make the download a more useful and practical tool rather than simply an information report. Or, offer the report and provide the tool as an unannounced bonus. What sort of tools might we be talking about? Here’re a few… Read More »Creating a Download People Will Use


      List Building Using eCourses

        Email course are an ideal way to encourage people to subscribe to you and receive something of real value. Simply set up a series of emails covering a particular topic within your area of expertise.  Easy. Cheap. Effective. All you need is a way of getting emails out on a schedule. You can use your own mail program like Outlook but a more business-like approach is to set up an autoresponder service such as MailChimp. MailChimp is initially free (within limits) and then has a competitive monthly fee. Other systems such as aWeber will give you a trial period then… Read More »List Building Using eCourses

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        Are Your Links Working For You?

          Backlinks. Inbound links. Broken links. Indexed links. SEO thrives or dies on links. I’ve been across all of those lately, spending an inordinate amount of time to discover what would have taken a WebMaster a fraction of the time to achieve. Firstly I had major issues trying to get Yoast SEO to generate a sitemap which Google WebMaster would recognise. Hours of searching, trial and error led me to try another plugin. Still an issue. Then another plugin. Still an issue. So, I gave up with plugin-land and went old-school. If you search online you can generate a nifty little… Read More »Are Your Links Working For You?

          SEO your website

          Latest SEO Learning in 2017

            So, Ive been knee-deep in prepping to migrate and upgrade an old site. As always happens when you start one thing in tech-land, a bunch of other item popped up demanding attention. First it was updating WP itself along with its associated plugins and themes. Then an enforced trip to Google Webmaster tools which I’d not looked at for a while highlighted a few issues such as soft-404s and other errors. “Well, may as well fix ’em while I’m here” I thought. So, I did. (I may have been better being disciplened and pencilling those tasks for later while I continued… Read More »Latest SEO Learning in 2017

            Google's 404 page

            How to Improve your 404 Error Page

              A 404 page exists to acknowledge an error. It usually occurs when a link is wrongly-typed, a post has been moved, or a page or post was deleted. Consequently, the server can’t find the page or post and so serves up the “page not found”. Some themes come with a basic 404 page. This can be enhanced. Test your site. Type your address with a page you know doesn’t emxist eg http://your If you have a 404 template it will pop up. If you don’t, you will get a page served by your webhost and often they are unappealing. The purpose of improving… Read More »How to Improve your 404 Error Page