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7 Ways To Get More Done

    Time management is a pain. I can go through periods of demonic production and at other times I can be like the laziest beach bum around. If I could just harness those extremes together and be more consistent I know I can get more done. Well, here’s what I’m working on to do just that. 1. Putting together a short list of essential must-do’s – and do this at night so when I wake up I don’t have to think. I just do. I can spend a  lot of time flapping about and being unfocused so this is one way… Read More »7 Ways To Get More Done

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    Branding Basics 101 – A Starter

      Branding is about how people remember you. It’s how you stand out amongst all the white noise spilling over people’s days. A metaphor always helps to bring clarity to any writing so let’s go with this one. Think about a hummingbird. They’re very small, unique, colourful and can hold a sustained hovering flight position while drinking nectar. They’re synonymous with wonder, beauty and specialness – all positive attributes. They are so prized that a hummingbird is often used as a symbol. Now, think about a vulture. Vultures are large and ugly with their bald heads, craggy stoop and angry frown. They… Read More »Branding Basics 101 – A Starter

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      The Only Three Things You Need To Do

        As an internet marketer it is soooo easy to get distracted. Bright shiny objects – things that grab your attention and before yo know you’ve lost an hour clicking link after link. The web itself – you end up following so many rabbit holes that your entire day can disappear before your eyes. Ideas – everyone often has lots of ideas and we get so excited we chase them down before assessing if they are relevant or viable. Include your favourite time waster here. Here’s the thing. There are only three outcomes you need to focus on during your working… Read More »The Only Three Things You Need To Do


        Best Free Mind Mapping Tools

          I have been mind mapping since Tony Buzan promulgated the concept – it was a huge bonus to my corporate work and enabled me to take rapid notes in meetings, sketch out projects, outline courses and capture daily to-to’s. Usually I’d do these the old fashioned way with pen and paper or on a whiteboard. They work great but like everything these days there’s now an app for that. In fact, lots of apps. There’s heavy competition in the field of mind mapping software. These days I work across PC and Mac environments so finding mind mapping software or apps… Read More »Best Free Mind Mapping Tools

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          Why You Need a Schedule for Internet Marketing

            Hey! It’s Easter. Happy Easter to you in whatever way is meaningful for you. Given you most likely have a little time on your hands around now then it’s a good time to do a bit of reflection on your business. Let’s take a look at your schedule. Schedule? “What schedule?” I hear you ask. Ahh then listen up! If you really want to make solid progress in your online marketing efforts then a schedule is what you need to have. It’s one of those basic building block of business. Keeping everything you have to do in your head is… Read More »Why You Need a Schedule for Internet Marketing

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            Is Your Business a Hobby?

              “Nothing happens without a sale” isn’t quite true. A lot happens to get a sale. The first thing being, you need something to sell. If you don’t have something to sell and offered for sale then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. So, ask yourself – “where are my buy buttons?” Can’t find them? Maybe you don’t have a business after all. Now if you are literally just starting out then you might be excused – just make sure you don’t fall into the perpetual student syndrome. A buy button could be a digital or a physical… Read More »Is Your Business a Hobby?