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Creating a Sense of Urgency as a Sales Tactic

    When it comes to making more sales adding a sense of urgency can make all the difference. In this world of rapid attention spans and fleeting visitors, you need to grab your visitors eyeballs – fast. Creating that sense of urgency keeps visitors where you need them for a bit longer and that gives you more time to get your message across. Obviously there are many more elements to making sales than simply adding a sense of urgency, but it’s a tool every marketer can employ and if done right has the potential to increase sales. It’s like impulse buying Most things that we buy, we buy on impulse. We buy… Read More »Creating a Sense of Urgency as a Sales Tactic

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    3 Mistakes You May Be Making When Creating Content

      Creating content is critical for any business with an online presence. Master content creation and you increase your chances of successfully engaging audiences and triggering more sales. After all, we all want that, right? 3 Mistakes – Big. Huge. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been creating content for ages or just starting out. Falling foul of these errors will derail your efforts big time.. 1.  Never Getting Started.  The mind is willing but we trip ourselves up. It has to be the perfect content idea, or perhaps we should put off and do a bit more research, or, it won’t be good enough… Read More »3 Mistakes You May Be Making When Creating Content


      Outsource Your eBook Writing

        I’m a writer. I prefer to write my own eBooks. And I hate to burst your bubble, I don’t do it all the time. Not everyone who produces an ebook writes their own. Because you’re not experienced in a specific subject, doesn’t mean you can’t create an ebook. Get someone with experience to write it for you! That someone would be a writer or freelance writer or ghost writer. eBooks are the ideal digital product that you can sell again and again with no overheads or delivery costs and for which people are often willing to pay. They enable you to earn passive income and possibly achieve financial freedom.… Read More »Outsource Your eBook Writing

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        Tips For Writing an Ebook That Sells

          Fantastic! You’ve decided to write your own ebook. Good move. Whether you’ve written one before or not we have some handy tips to help you write your own ebook and avoid making it a dud. In terms of creating an ebook you’ve got three options: outsource it so someone else writes it for you based on your specs and outline buy a PLR ebook that someone else has written and edit it to suit your voice and market write it yourself If you can write the ebook yourself then this is actually the preferred choice. It lets you retain full control over the… Read More »Tips For Writing an Ebook That Sells

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          The Value of eBooks as a Business Model

            If you’re thinking of starting a business online and you’re confused about what type of product to sell or to promote, here are some very simple concepts that anyone can put in place. They start with having one thing: an ebook. The internet is all about information. It’s constantly being distributed, sold and passed around for free on the internet. Sure, you can read free articles online about how to trade stocks, or how to improve your golf swing but those articles often don’t give you a step by step guide to learn all the tricks. People now rely on the… Read More »The Value of eBooks as a Business Model

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            Starting a Digital Business

              Plug “How to Make Money Online” into a search engine and you’ll get more than 160 million results. It’s becoming much more common for people to look to the internet as a way of making a living. Research tells us that the traditional model of master-servant employment relationships are breaking down and being an independent worker is a growing segment of the workforce. Internet marketing has exploded over recent years and is now mainstream. Corporations large and small have embraced it and independent operators are often innovators in the field even though they have much smaller budgets. If you’re looking to generate… Read More »Starting a Digital Business