7 Ways To Create a Product in an Hour or Less

7 Ways To Create a Product in an Hour or Less

How do you create a product?

Nothing happens until you make a sale but of course to make a sale you need something to sell. In this segment we will look at the business model of product creation. If you want to create a product you need to know your target market, what problem they are looking to solve in terms of your area of expertise, create a product, prepare it for sale and delivery.

There’s more than one method of product creation and to a degree it depends on your circumstances as to which is going to work best for you. Look over the following and decide which is likely the best option for you.

  1. Create an eBook.
    1. Leverage Quality PLR. Rather than researching and writing out pages and pages of content, think about whether there might be an existing PLR product you could tweak. Using PLR saves you that research time and gives you a clear framework to work with. Find a decent PLR provider, find the topic you cover, buy the eBook or article pack, download them, rewrite the title, edit the content to suit you,  If it is a good quality piece of PLR then the rewriting might take 30-45 minutes to deliver a product you can sell. The rest is business.
    2. Get Someone Else to Write It. Craft an outline of the topics you want to cover in an eBook and assign it to an outsourcer. You can use Elance or Guru or Freelancer and post the job, assess the bidders based on their ratings and response then liaise with them to get the eBook written. You may as well outsource the cover design as well. A final edit by yourself to add your own voice and you’re done in an hour all up, albeit spread over a couple of days.
    3. Dictate Content. I have a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech recognition software) on my bookshelf and many swear by it to dictate your content. Alternatively, did you know Google Docs have an inbuilt voice-to-text service which is remarkably accurate? Create an outline of what you want to say, log on and speak into your mic for 30-40 minutes covering the points in the outline and voila – Google docs converts your spoken words to text. Spend another ten minutes polishing it and you’ve got a short report ready to go!
  2. Record an Audio or Video Product.
    1. Conduct an Interview via Skype or through a Hangout. The interview can be by you  as the interviewer or with you as the interviewee. Just draft up a series of ten questions that cover a topic, record the questions and answers, edit the recording and it’s almost ready to sell.
    2. Re-purpose Existing Content. Take one of your products which is in text form eg an eBook and record yourself speaking the text.  Polish it up, add an intro and extro and you’re done – another product to sell or add as a bonus.
  3. Bundle Products.
    1. Look through the products you already have (or have rights to) and think about bundling them together as is. You can offer them at a higher discounted price as a bundle, offer them as a bonus or offer them as a gift for subscribing.
    2. Find similar topic products (maybe a bunch of articles or a few short reports) and combine them, into a larger eBook or a course. The content is already done. You just need to fashion some sales copy and emails to get them out there.

Now you’ve got a product ready to sell here’s what t o do next.

  • set up a buy button,
  • create a thank you page and
  • a download page and
  • write and schedule your autoresponders, and
  • you’re set to promote!

Tip From the Frontline.

Test everything first before you go live! Make sure your buy button accepts the payment, your autoresponder delivers the emails and people can access their download.

When you’re done, let us know which method worked best for you.

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