How to Produce Your Information Product Fast

How to Produce Your Information Product Fast

48 hours.

They made a TV show about that though that’s not what I’m talking about.

What if you could create an information product in 48 hours and have it online with a buy button attached so it can start to sell?

Here’s the idea.

1.   Create a report, say 20 pages with actual how-to steps.

2.  Sell the report.  $$

3. Have an upsell on the download page to an affiliate offer or your own product. $$

4.  Add a sales page, a download page, promotional emails and a video or two.

5. Sell resale rights and limit the number of copies sold. $$

Out of 5 basic actions you make money on 3 of them.

What if you could sell say 1000 copies?

Tip. Systematise the things that make you money. Create a report around how you do that.

Now, go to it 🙂


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