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Product Creation

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Create Products Fast – Easy Product Creation

    Why worry about how to create products fast? Building any business – online or bricks & mortar – has the same fundamentals. You need something to sell, you need people who want what you sell, and you need a way to get them to where you sell your products. Product, buyers, marketing. The biggest stumbling block for anyone starting out in business is creating their own products – it takes seemingly forever to get something up with a buy button on it. Ask me how I know 🙂 Here’s a super easy and quick way to get your fundamental business… Read More »Create Products Fast – Easy Product Creation

    video product creation

    Using Video to Build Your List

      People love to have a personal connection with people with whom they do business. By presenting yourself on video you extend your capacity to reach out to people and deepen the relationship. Slide Presentation Sure, there’s nothing wrong with using a slide presentation as a video presentation. It is very effective and if you brand it well you can still build your brand. Having YOU in the picture though is much more powerful. Record a ‘Live’ Video As easy way to do get video up is to use a Google Hangout, or a Facebook Live session to run a short… Read More »Using Video to Build Your List

      product creation tip

      Creating a Download People Will Use

        Getting new leads by offering a free product for prospects to download in return for their email address usually involves a PDF download. More often than not these are pretty forgettable and frequently not valued. At worst your report will collect digital dust as soon as your prospect downloads it. A way to engage prospects more with your offer is to make the download a more useful and practical tool rather than simply an information report. Or, offer the report and provide the tool as an unannounced bonus. What sort of tools might we be talking about? Here’re a few… Read More »Creating a Download People Will Use

        create a product to sell

        7 Ways To Create a Product in an Hour or Less

          How do you create a product? Nothing happens until you make a sale but of course to make a sale you need something to sell. In this segment we will look at the business model of product creation. If you want to create a product you need to know your target market, what problem they are looking to solve in terms of your area of expertise, create a product, prepare it for sale and delivery. There’s more than one method of product creation and to a degree it depends on your circumstances as to which is going to work best for… Read More »7 Ways To Create a Product in an Hour or Less

          create a product fast

          How to Produce Your Information Product Fast

            48 hours. They made a TV show about that though that’s not what I’m talking about. What if you could create an information product in 48 hours and have it online with a buy button attached so it can start to sell? Here’s the idea. 1.   Create a report, say 20 pages with actual how-to steps. 2.  Sell the report.  $$ 3. Have an upsell on the download page to an affiliate offer or your own product. $$ 4.  Add a sales page, a download page, promotional emails and a video or two. 5. Sell resale rights and limit… Read More »How to Produce Your Information Product Fast

            content creation

            3 Mistakes You May Be Making When Creating Content

              Creating content is critical for any business with an online presence. Master content creation and you increase your chances of successfully engaging audiences and triggering more sales. After all, we all want that, right? 3 Mistakes – Big. Huge. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been creating content for ages or just starting out. Falling foul of these errors will derail your efforts big time.. 1.  Never Getting Started.  The mind is willing but we trip ourselves up. It has to be the perfect content idea, or perhaps we should put off and do a bit more research, or, it won’t be good enough… Read More »3 Mistakes You May Be Making When Creating Content