Creating a Download People Will Use

Creating a Download People Will Use

Getting new leads by offering a free product for prospects to download in return for their email address usually involves a PDF download. More often than not these are pretty forgettable and frequently not valued. At worst your report will collect digital dust as soon as your prospect downloads it.

A way to engage prospects more with your offer is to make the download a more useful and practical tool rather than simply an information report. Or, offer the report and provide the tool as an unannounced bonus.

What sort of tools might we be talking about?

Here’re a few ideas.

  • a planning tool eg a yearly planner
  • a checklist to complete a process
  • a template to use for future content
  • a workbook to work through over a period
  • a set of resource sheets or cheatsheet
  • a printable card set of affirmations etc
  • a printable poster to put on their wall

The trick of course is to brand EVERYTHING to remind them where the tool came from and keep you top of mind.

Think about your niche and your free download possibilities. Can you prepare a cheatsheet of the most useful WORD hotkeys for instance if you teach typing. Or, a list of free graphic sites for book cover designers maybe. How about a monthly planner to include goals and actions?

Do a bit of research> what are others offering in your space? Can you replicate something similar? Is there something they are not offering that you could?

Come up with 3 good ideas and make them into a branded downloadable for your prospects.

No time to do it right now? Schedule into your diary.

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