Using Video to Build Your List

Using Video to Build Your List

People love to have a personal connection with people with whom they do business. By presenting yourself on video you extend your capacity to reach out to people and deepen the relationship.

Slide Presentation

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with using a slide presentation as a video presentation. It is very effective and if you brand it well you can still build your brand. Having YOU in the picture though is much more powerful.

Record a ‘Live’ Video

As easy way to do get video up is to use a Google Hangout, or a Facebook Live session to run a short presentation or a quick Q&A. You can choose a topic area to cover, promote the event to your existing list of subscribers, and even if there is only one person on the other end, you have a recording with content which you can offer as a free product or a bonus.

Use Your SmartPhone

If you’re not up to that, doing a short video on your smartphone is fine. You don’t need a full Hollywood production job. Just make sure you’re in good light and have something good to share. It doesn’t need to be long. A series of “two-minute motivations” could work as a free offer to your list. For a short session of five minutes or less simply cover one point in detail or cover a few points briefly. If you’re doing an outside recording make sure you have a mic connected to your smartphone and try to avoid too much wind or noise. I recorded a great session when I was on the road but the wind was so bad you could barely hear what I had to say. So keep an eye out for that.

Phone a Friend

Not brave enough to run a live session or be the talking head? Get some practice first. Buddy up with a friend to record a couple of sessions.  Draft a bullet point list of what you plan to cover so you don’t waffle.

The more you do a video the easier it gets. And as far as creating a valuable free offer, doing a video is great. Doing one video creates three products:

1. a video

2. extract the audio and offer that

3. transcribe the video into  text and offer that.

Now, schedule some time to draft an outline of what you will video, decide which method you will employ and – do it!

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