Create Products Fast – Easy Product Creation

Create Products Fast – Easy Product Creation

Why worry about how to create products fast? Building any business – online or bricks & mortar – has the same fundamentals. You need something to sell, you need people who want what you sell, and you need a way to get them to where you sell your products. Product, buyers, marketing.

The biggest stumbling block for anyone starting out in business is creating their own products – it takes seemingly forever to get something up with a buy button on it. Ask me how I know 🙂

Here’s a super easy and quick way to get your fundamental business in shape with a few products that you can then start selling.

I’m presupposing that you have a clear niche or area of business and that you’ve established what people are looking for and prepared to buy. That’s all research and if you’re not sure then go back and decide these before moving forward here.

What we are aiming to do here is produce 4-6 products by preparing crib notes and then recording a session for each product. Overall you’ll have a complete product suite which is 1-2 hours worth of material. Each recording session will vary from 10 minutes to maybe 30 minutes – spend as long as the topic takes without padding it out unnecessarily.

Once you’ve got the recording done you can then add a transcription for that recording, produce a PDF e-book of the recording and/or create a slide presentation to go along with it.

Don’t complicate things now though – just do a voice recording and GET IT DONE!


Steps to Create Products Fast

1. Decide to create 4-6 products in your niche. That’s enough to get you underway and you can always extend that product range later.

2. Each product needs to focus on a single issue. Identify 4-6 problems or issues your buyers have in your niche.

3. For each problem or issue, write out 7-12 steps or key points which solve or address that single problem.

4. Expand on each of those steps with specific detail of how to do each step or what they need to know about each key point. Bullet points are fine.

5. Review your notes and make any changes – we’re about to produce!

6. Set up your audio recording system – most devices have a recording facility. If not use Audacity – it’s free audio recording software for Windows. Don’t get stuck on the ‘right’ setup – just create products fast with what you have now (you can improve later).

7. Start with your first problem. Grab the outline you’ve written up (problem, 7-12 keypoints or steps, notes) and record yourself talking through those steps. Include an introduction and closing.

8. Take the mp3 recording and load it up on the web as a downloadable item.

9. Create a sales buy button – either a separate page or on your front page in a banner – and a download page

10. Create an email campaign to alert your list that the product is live and available – provide the link to the buy button. Link up your buy button with the downloadable product.

When you have time to produce again, get your outline for problem #2 and do the same. Repeat for all problems you’ve outlined. You can do the recordings on the same day or over a week or one each week – according to your available work time.

Congratulate yourself – you’ve learned how to create products fast and have got a set of products you can now sell!  Sell each product as it becomes available. You don’t need to publish all 4-6 products at once. Do the first one, put it up for sale. Release the second product when it’s done – email your list about it and people who bought product 1 may now buy product 2 or, if they didn’t buy product one product 2 may suit them better. Do the same with product 3. And so on. Release each product a week or so apart.

Once you get some response you start to add some more products to your stock catalog. Hmm, might have to write another post about that!

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