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Free Icon Sets

    I love free. But I love great free even better. In searching for some icons for one of my projects I came across these sets which I’d like to share with you. 1. Scalable icons for socialmedia  - 2. The ever-popular fam fam sets - Love your work, guys. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy, everyone.

    Why You Need To Become An Affiliate.

      There are lots of ways to get on the web and have your own business. There are however a number of advantages to affiliate marketing that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. To really understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and what it can do for you, we need to go deeper and analyze it. In this post we will look at three reasons why affiliate marketing works so well and why you should join an affiliate program right away. There are new products being launched all the time that you can benefit from with affiliate marketing. 1. The World Is Your Oyster There really is no limit to defining… Read More »Why You Need To Become An Affiliate.

      Take Daily Action To Succeed

        Some people make internet marketing all sound so simple, and I guess it is when you’ve got a set of products and know what you’re offering to whom.

        "Getting it" and applying it are two different things.

        Most people are not trying to overcomplicate things.  It just takes longer when you have to think through the steps each time. For instance, seemingly simple tasks take on new life when each step is plugged in…

        1. Email list about one of my offers
           1a login to autoresponder service
           1b write email
           1c fill out the pages and schedule or send autoresponder

        2. Dictate three articles.
           2a decide what to write about/angle
           2b dictate
          Read More »Take Daily Action To Succeed

        The Ultimate Google Hangouts Marketing Roadmap Review

          Google Hangouts is a cool tool that I haven’t explored much but need to so this little book comes in handy. Being able to stream live and then have it post straight to YouTube seamlessly is impressive. And the use that this can be put to market a business is only limited by your imagination. Knowing how to actually make it all happen is the challenge: not if you follow this Roadmap. Anyway, here’s what I thought of this guide:

          Domain Name Scams

            The internet is a wonderful place and at the same time there are unscrupulous people trying to catch the unwary.

            In the mail I have received at various times a notification of my domain names due for renewal. The document looks authentic and appears to be a regular business invoice. I’m confident some of these end up in unsuspecting accounts departments and get paid. The only thing is that what these documents authorise is that you transfer your domain to them as your new registrar and you get to pay 100 times the going cost of renewing a domain!

            Another one I got today by email is reproduced here for all to be aware:

            From Tom Zu []

            Letter to the president or brand owner, thanks)

            Dear President,

            We are the department of Asian Domain Registration Service in china.I have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on may 7, 2012 that a companyRead More »Domain Name Scams

            Syncing MindJet App With Dropbox

              MindJet recently changed their pricing for their mindmap app to FREE. So I grabbed it. And I have dropbox which was the appeal – I could work on maps wherever I was.

              So, because I was travelling when I downloaded the app (iPhone) I started merrily using it and created three extensive maps for courses I was preparing and books I am in the process of writing.

              I stored them, logically, in local files.

              Then I setup my dropbox account within MindJet. Set up a folder in DropBox for MindJet maps.

              And hit the sync button.


              Off to Google to find a solution.

              Off to the Mindjet website and forums.
              Then I decided, well, let me see if it works in reverse. Back at the office PC I uploaded s map to dropbox.
              Logged in to the iPhone app. Yes! That worked. I could see theRead More »Syncing MindJet App With Dropbox