Syncing MindJet App With Dropbox

Syncing MindJet App With Dropbox

MindJet recently changed their pricing for their mindmap app to FREE. So I grabbed it. And I have dropbox which was the appeal – I could work on maps wherever I was.

So, because I was travelling when I downloaded the app (iPhone) I started merrily using it and created three extensive maps for courses I was preparing and books I am in the process of writing.

I stored them, logically, in local files.

Then I setup my dropbox account within MindJet. Set up a folder in DropBox for MindJet maps.

And hit the sync button.


Off to Google to find a solution.

Off to the Mindjet website and forums.
Then I decided, well, let me see if it works in reverse. Back at the office PC I uploaded s map to dropbox.
Logged in to the iPhone app. Yes! That worked. I could see the map. I could work on the app. That’s when I realised that to use the dropbox facility on the mindjet app, the map had to be in dropbox. So having worked it out, here’s what you do …

  • Download the Mindjet app to your iPhone
  • Set up your dropbox account
  • Access any map in your dropbox account through the Mindjet app
  • For any maps you create on your iPhone, use the copy function to copy it into dropbox
  • Once I worked that out, all was good.

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