Take Daily Action To Succeed

Take Daily Action To Succeed

Some people make internet marketing all sound so simple, and I guess it is when you’ve got a set of products and know what you’re offering to whom.

"Getting it" and applying it are two different things.

Most people are not trying to overcomplicate things.  It just takes longer when you have to think through the steps each time. For instance, seemingly simple tasks take on new life when each step is plugged in…

1. Email list about one of my offers
   1a login to autoresponder service
   1b write email
   1c fill out the pages and schedule or send autoresponder

2. Dictate three articles.
   2a decide what to write about/angle
   2b dictate
   2c either transcribe myself or outsource
   2d login in to articles directories and post
   2e post to own websites

3. Clear out customer support.
   3a open emails
   3b respond
   3c fix issues

4. Create PowerPoint for upcoming presentation.
   4a open PPT
   4b prepare slides
   4c open camtasia
   4d record voiceover for slides

Dead easy if you’re a machine and know exactly what you are doing and that is all you are doing! Most budding IM’ers however are faced with the stop-start issue of working and trying to do IM on the side.

A lot of it also depends on the tools you use (some are quicker and easier) and how familiar you are with them. It’s much quicker if you’re using them regularly and don’t have to remind yourself what to do so consistency is key in building skills and your business.

So don’t feel inadequate when one of your guru’s tells you how easy it all is. It may be for them. But we’re all human and we each take different times and approaches.

The key is to making sure you are making plans, not excuses.

Just take action.


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