Get Joomla to Talk to MailChimp

    I have some websites built in Joomla.

    I use MailChimp for my emailing system.

    What I found was that Joomla doesn’t allow you to download the database of people who register on your site. So, in the past I have had to manually use a plugin (UserExport – free, no registration required) to extract the data and then import it into MailChimp. It worked. but it was a pain.

    Yesterday I discovered ChimpYourJoomla.  Love the name. More importantly, I love the plugin.

    After an easy install, in the usual Joomla way, when anyone registers on my site they are automatically added to the list in MailChimp. Brilliant. Wish I’d discovered this little tool earlier!

    There was an error message issue when I installed the plugin but after asking Andy at corePHP for any ideas on how to resolve it, he responded almost immediately with aRead More »Get Joomla to Talk to MailChimp

    How To Extract Email Addresses from Outlook

      My Outlook files and folders are out of control. I need to do some heavy duty pruning but it takes so long. More emails fill the bucket than I can prune! I figured there had to be a way to pullout all the email addresses I wanted to keep rather than having to go through each email and adding to the address book one by one. So, I went to the Big G to find an answer. All kinds of software and tools popped up and I recall trying a few of these unsuccessfully before. Then I came across this… Read More »How To Extract Email Addresses from Outlook

      Fix Toshiba L640 – Restore to Factory Settings

        Does anyone else think it’s silly that computer manufacturers have stripped down what they provide you when you buy these days. What’s really weird is that the User Guide is usually provided in soft copy on your machine. That means you need to start your machine to learn how to start your machine!

        In any case if you need to restore your machine back to factory default settings, the best solution is usually contained within the User Guide supplied with your laptop. Hot Tip – print it out!!


        For the Toshiba Satellite L640 series, here’s how to REPAIR your system if you need to:

        1. WARNING – back up ANY data you don’t want to lose to an external drive or disc or usb device (there’s really no point in backing up to your existing drive!)

        2. turn off the laptop

        3. holdRead More »Fix Toshiba L640 – Restore to Factory Settings

        How to Install Joomla 1.6

          Joomla 1.6 has been released and being a bumbling tech-head I wanted to check it out. I’ve been a Joomla user since the Mambo days so had been familiar with it but more recently I had been swayed to WordPress for its ease and simplicity. Joomla still has some nifty features and is IMHO more powerful than WordPress so it may not meet the average person’s need. but I thought ‘maybe the 1.6 version changes the game’ because it has been a MAJOR rewrite of much of the system.

          So, if you want to know how to install and set-up Joomla 1.6, follow.

          1. download the compressed file and unzip it on your desktop/laptop (NB you can install other ways like through your webhost but I tried that twice and it timed out so I’m showing you exactly what I did – the manual option)
          2. Read More »How to Install Joomla 1.6

          14 Ideas to Write About on Your Blog

            There are times when you just sit in front of your keyboard and wonder ‘What the heck am I going to write about today?!?!?!?” Often we do that because we are looking for that one inspirational idea. Well, don’t wait for inspiration, that’s one of the causes of writer’s block (and empty blogs!) If you have a product or business blog then you’ll have lots of ideas on what to write about … product reviews, new products or services, case studies, how to use your product or services and so on. If you write a personal blog then you sometimes… Read More »14 Ideas to Write About on Your Blog

            Incoming Search Terms

              I had started to see this reference on blogs to “incoming search terms” and wondered what plugin people were using. Finally I checked it out in Google and found a guy who had done the same. He found premium products but discovered a tool called SEO Search Tagging 2 on the wordpress site. I installed it and then thought “what’s the best way to configure this little puppy?”. Voila, Auntie Google answered by popping up this blog… Thanks, Steve Yu!