The Only Three Things You Need To Do

The Only Three Things You Need To Do

As an internet marketer it is soooo easy to get distracted.

  • Bright shiny objects – things that grab your attention and before yo know you’ve lost an hour clicking link after link.
  • The web itself – you end up following so many rabbit holes that your entire day can disappear before your eyes.
  • Ideas – everyone often has lots of ideas and we get so excited we chase them down before assessing if they are relevant or viable.
  • Include your favourite time waster here.

Here’s the thing. There are only three outcomes you need to focus on during your working days. (If you’re not working you’re planning, right?) Once you finish concentrating on those three things you can surf or social media to your hearts content. What are the three things. LOT.

  1. List
  2. Offers
  3. Traffic

They are mutually inclusive – like a three-legged stool you need each one of them working with the others to create success.

Every day you need to check in and ask yourself these questions.

  1. List – is what I’m about to do or doing helping to build by list or enabling me to market to that list more effectively or efficiently? Activities you might undertake here are putting in an opt-in box or pop-up, adding emails to your autoresponder, cleaning up your email lists so they are clean and responsive, checking your stats for bounces and clicks.
  2. Offers – if you don’t have something to sell then you have no income and of course you need a list to sell to (amongst other things).  So ask yourself, am I creating and delivering offers today? Activities you might include here are things like publishing content, writing and scheduling posts, creating eBooks and reports, recording audio or video, transcribing content, preparing affiliate links, setting up joint ventures, creating sales pages, setting up funnels.
  3. Traffic – this is where you put the first two in touch with each other. Ask, is what I’m doing now helping to generate traffic to my offers? Activities could include forum posting, ads, sending a broadcast email, adding offer emails to your autoresponder, listing your product on a sales site like JVZoo, checking stats of sales, split testing trials, improving your SEO.

Essentially, check in with yourself each time you start a new task or activity and make sure you are either getting up offers, building or maintaining your list, or getting traffic to your links and sales pages.

If not, ask yourself, “why not?”.

And that’s your LOT for today 🙂

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