The Power of Infographics: Viral Images

The Power of Infographics: Viral Images



I don’t know about you but I do love checking out Infographics.

They are highly visual. Facebook loves them. Google loves them. Even Twitter is happy with them. And of course, readers love them.

Infographics give a lot of information in a digestible manner and really can make a point fast. That’s what makes them so popular. People find one they like and they shoot it around the web faster than a cheetah chasing lunch. What that means is that you get more exposure if you created it. It means more links back to your site. It meas more traffic to your site. And it means more people gaining value from your content.

Creating infographics is fun. It’s also incredibly time consuming. And if you don’t have a designer’s eye, they can look like a dog’s dinner.

You can pay someone to create your infographic or hire a designer. That will set you back a fair whack of money though, specifically because it is intensive graphic work.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to create infographics for your business is to use pre-existing designs. PLR providers who have graphic design capabilities can save you hours by providing editable graphics for you to add your content to a ready-made design. Better yet is PLR Infographics that have the content AND the design ready to walk out the door – with your brand on it!

One of the PLR graphic designers I respect has a brilliant package of PLR Infographics available – and these are fresh, quality images – designed with Internet Marketing in mind.

Of course, if you want to use them for another niche you can simply edit the images with your own content. Easy-peasy.

When you buy this huge Infographics Pack you get:

    • 7 great infographics on Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, StartUps, Freelancing and more
    • Bonuses – 50 Social Media Quote Graphics with content to match the Infographics
    • Super Bonus – 5 Article Packs to match the Infogrpahics and Quotes!

You don’t have to lift a finger!!

Of course you’ll want to brand them as yours and maybe change them up a touch to reflect you but then push these little babies out there to do their work for you!

If you were a smart marketer (and I know you are), you wouldn’t stop there. Why not turn them into a report or eBook? Give them away to your own affiliates or clients. Read them into a podcast. So many more ways you can maximize these as tools for your business.

Really, when you think about it, PLR is an outstanding investment. All that time and money you would have used to create all the graphics and content can now go into leveraging them to get the most benefit for you so it increases your reputation and traffic – and revenue!

So, I recommend you do something today. Either schedule time in the next few days to map out a bunch of infographics, images and content then put in the time or money to create them to support your business, or, buy this Starter Pack of PLR Infographics, Articles and Images fully loaded with content and put them into play.

When will you start helping your readers, 84% of whom are visual learners, by using more graphics and infographics?

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  1. I have never tried info graphics. I will try it out. I like already made templates cos i am not a high tech guy.

    Thanks for sharing.

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