Email Marketing – The Problem With It

Email Marketing – The Problem With It

My email marketing has been dormant for any number of reasons yet I instinctively know that it is one of the best ways to connect with your fan base, build relationships and generate sales. So when I received an email from NAMS today, I sat up and took notice. I thought the email was worth sharing here too for everyone else to think about.

Email marketing is one of the areas I find my students get the most stuck.

But it’s also the area that can drive the most profits in your business so when I hear people are stuck, I get to work on solutions to get them unstuck.

Here are top things I hear – see if any of these apply to you:

1- I don’t know what to say to my list

2- I don’t have a very big list so it’s not worth mailing

3 – I’m afraid my list isn’t going to like what I say and they’ll unsubscribe

4- I don’t want to bother the people on my list

So let’s talk about these things for a minute.

1 – You don’t know what to say – People subscribe to your list because they believe you are going to offer some kind of value. So what is it that brought them to you in the first place? That’s what you want to talk about. And yes, believe it or not, most of the time people come to you looking for a solution. Whether it’s with free content or paid products, you and your message resonated with them. So look at why they opted in and give them more of THAT!

2 – I don’t have a big list – Well, first list-building is your #1 job so you want to make sure you’re doing something every single day that builds your list. But everyone starts out with no list. As you’re building it though, you can’t ignore the people you already have. If you ignore them, then they’re going to ignore you right back when you do decide you want to send an email.

3- I’m afraid someone will unsubscribe – They will unsubscribe. That’s ok. You don’t want someone on your list who doesn’t want to be there. It’s better to keep a small highly engaged list than a big list that does nothing. So get rid of the dead weight and do it fast. If your message isn’t the right fit for them, let them go.

4- I don’t want to bother people – If you don’t mail the people on your list on a regular basis then they’re going to forget about you. In today’s online world, email is still the #1 way to communicate with your tribe. Offer them something valuable ( free or paid) and you won’t bother anyone.”

If any of those points resonate with you then sit down now and decide what you are going to do about it.

  • Is now the right time to get back into email marketing? The answer is yes.
  • Is it a quick and easy fix? No but you can start jotting down some ideas right now about what topics to cover in your future emails. Then for each topic, pick 3-4 sub-topics to cover and in over time start putting together a series of email series covering all those topics and sub-topics.

Even if you don’t write the best emails in the world, getting some recognition of your brand/name in someone’s email inbox is better than them forgetting about you.

email marketing how toSo, get to it!

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