Help With Blogging: Create a shortcut to a webpage

Help With Blogging: Create a shortcut to a webpage

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Sometimes you want to quickly and easily create a shortcut on your desktop from your browser.

For example, not sure about you but when I’m researching for an article or post I sometimes get disrupted or I don’t want to lose the site I’m looking at and want to be able to quickly refer back to it.

In the past I’ve bookmarked a site, or sent the link to myself via email or put the link in a notepad file in the research folder for the project.

Having a system when researching is efficient … and this post might become part of your new system.

Getting quickly to a place on the web is made easier with this trick (hat tip to Dave Lynch for sparking this post idea!). Here’s how to do it.


  1. click on the triple bar icon to the far right of the browser screen
  2. select ‘Tools’
  3. select ‘Create application shortcuts’
  4. decide where to save – desktop, taskbar or start menu


  1. look to the left of the url address
  2. click and hold the icon next to the address url
  3. drag the icon to your desktop

Internet Explorer:

  1. open web page
  2. right click on page
  3. select ‘Create shortcut’


  1. navigate to webpage and press ‘Ctrl S’ then save to desktop, or elsewhere
  2. simply bookmark it -ideal if you don’t intend to use the shortcut often
  3. email a link to yourself – handy if you find the link while you’re away from your writing space
  4. use a tool – create a shortcut to the tool on your desktop and save the page in your tool
    • Pocket
    • Evernote
    • Delicious
    • Pinterest
    • your service of choice

How do you save links for research and other purposes?

4 thoughts on “Help With Blogging: Create a shortcut to a webpage

  1. Thanks for this. I knew that I could do more with Chrome but have never known how to get started.

    I tend to save url links in an email so that I can get to it whereever I am.

    Thanks for the alternative shortcuts.

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