30 Days to Sizzling Author Website Traffic

30 Days to Sizzling Author Website Traffic

30 days to sizzling author website traffic

Being an author and marketing are often mutually exclusive activities.

Not unusual.

Authors are writers and that puts them in the creative camp.  Their heart is in weaving words to tell a story. To let the voices that inhabit their soul to speak through and enchant the page. To express themselves through the power of writing. The focus is internal.

Marketing is focused on selling. Marketing is about using images and words to persuade people to buy. To craft a story, yes, but with the aim to spread the arc of influence.  Product, promotion, place and price are the domain of marketing. The focus is external.

Traditionally, writers expect that their publisher will take care of their book marketing and they just need to turn up to the interviews, festivals and signings.

An indie publisher relies on places like Amazon to sell their books for them.

If you’re an author, chances are that 30% of you have a website to feature yourself and your books.That’s about as far as some writers go.

Marketing-savvy authors know that they need to put effort into promoting their books to maximise their sales potential.

So, how to get as many people as possible to know about and want to buy their book?

Yep. Most authors struggle with the marketing angle and what helps is to follow the path of someone who has achieved that.

Diana Heuser is an author and publisher who has learned a lot of the lessons many authors face.

There’s not much worse than building a beaut little website to promote yourself and your books … and no-one ever sees it, or at least not enough!

In this eBook, 30 Days To Sizzling Author Website Traffic she uses her own examples to illustrate what she did, what worked and how to do it.

She also points out exactly why having your own website is a critical sales success factor.

If you want to know how to get more people to your website, this eBook is a great pick. In fact, you don’t even need to be an author! Simply someone who wants more visitors to their website. Di gives easy to follow advice and backs it up with step by step “how to do it” processes.

30 Days To Sizzling Author Website Traffic is one of those highly useful business tools for an authors marketing toolkit.

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  1. Great article Mel. I didn’t fully understand how competitive being an author was until I dabbled in creating a couple of Kindle books. You’re right, in order to be successful, you have to market yourself and know how to do it well in order to succeed.

    Hope the guide is helpful!

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