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Workable List Building Tips Part 2


    Building a list is one of the biggest challenges of internet marketing and yet it is one of the most profitable.  Having a good database of repeat clients is the mainstay of any business.

    Yesterday we went through 7 tips to help you get more people on your list. Today we run through another 7.

    Of course, quantity is not more important than quality. The better you treat your list the longer they will stay with you and the more likely they will be to buy from you.  Churn and burn is not a model I subscribe to!

    Here are your extra 7 tips.

    8 Offer Bonuses
    • Check your email provider for the location of your email campaign archives
    • Offer subscribers access to past copies of your newsletter or email archive as an incentive to sign up
    • Offer them to receive updates 1-2 weeks before the market receives

    9 Use Quality Email Service
    • You can host your own email service
    • You can use your regular email client
    • Best option is to use a professional email service
    • Manage bounces, unsubs, subs
    • Provide stats
    • Monitor send queues for efficiency
    • Work with ISP’s to maximize delivery
    Aweber has been best-of-breed for internet marketing email systems

    10 Forum Posting
    • Find forums in your niche
    • Read forum posts and identify key players
    • Start with posting helpful answers
    • After a few days, add your signature with link to your subscription form
    • Build your reputation as a solution provider rather than a spammer!

    11 Thank You Page
    • When your subscribers sign up, take them to a special “thank you” page
    • Explain purpose of your email (newsletter, tips series,)
    • Include offers for related products if relevant

    12 Network
    • Build your reputation online where you can
    • Manage your reputation
    • Be seen as someone worth knowing
    • Network offline as well

    13 Find Your Voice
    • When emailing your list, inject some of you
    • Engage with your audience
    • Repay them for their trust and attention
    • Be personable
    • Be funny
    • Tell stories
    • Do you need to sell in every email?

    14 Be Compliant
    • Check you’re in line with CAN-SPAM and other legislation
    • Go double opt-in for safety
    • Make sure you can access subscriber records and stats
    • Avoid buying lists
    • Be careful with your language to avoid triggering spam filters

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    8 thoughts on “Workable List Building Tips Part 2”

    1. Mel,

      More great tips and I love how you’ve broken them all down to show how to make the list yours and interact with your subscribers. What I’ve recently done was to take advantage of the automated blog sharing feature inside of Aweber.

      Whenever I post an article to my blog, it’s sent to my list. The mailing gives a brief intro about the blog post then forwards the reader to the website.

      I’ve actually done this for all my blogs. You can set the day and time you’d like your posts to go out. It’s a great feature to keep subscribers up to date with your blog and it’s not something you have to constantly think of.

      1. We get so busy doing things like blogging, videoing and posting that we forget the essentials like emailing! So when will you set you your schedule and when? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Jan.

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