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Workable List Building Tips Part 1


    The Money Is In The List

    How many times have you heard that? Reason is, it’s true. I recall when I was looking to sell my business a few years ago that the only thing people were interested in before anything else was the size and quality of my database. Why? Because that is whom you market to: it’s where your money comes from. Same in the online world.  So pretend you’re at school and write that statement out a hundred times until it is second nature!

    To help you build your list, here are 7 tips for you.

    1. Relevance
      • The more you make your content relevant to your audience the more likely they will be to read it and share it
      • How do you know what THEY find relevant?
      • Ask them! Now there’s a novel thought. Do a survey – ask them what they want to read
      • Review your stats – what have people viewed most on your site?
      • Subscribe to successful competitor sites and see what they write about for some ideas
    2. Let Them Join
      • How many subscription boxes are on your sites? Think about where best to put them but have more than one lonely one!
      • Sidebar
      • Footer/header
      • In the middle/end/beginning of a post
      • Pop up as they leave
    3. Pop ups
      • They can be annoying but they are still effective ways to get people on your list
      • Entrance pop
      • Click pop
      • Exit pop
    4. Entice People
      • Offer something of value to them in exchange for a subscription• More than just “subscribe to my newsletter”
      • Create a unique free offer that shows how good your future communication will be
      • Can you offer past issues of a newsletter or a chapter of a book or something similar?
    5. Viral eBook
      • A standard e-book may cut it
      • Better yet create a solid product that people will think “wow” – a compilation of your past best blog posts, a set of interviews you’ve had with industry leaders, think larger than usual.
      • People may even be prepared to buy it.
      • Promote the big offer to other marketers for their clients
    6. Write Articles
      • First create a product eg an email series of e-classes
      • Then write an article about the topic of the classes
      • Put a link and offer in your author bio in the article
      • Submit to directories, other blogs, document sites
    7. Create Sales Page
      • Practice your copywriting
      • Create a sales page for your newsletter or email tip series or whatever you provide people who sign up
      • Make it sound like a product
      • Offer them to receive it for free

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    1. Mel,

      This was a great article with so much valuable information. So many of us struggle with not knowing how to build a list. You’ve provided a lot of ways in which to do just that.

      Thank you for sharing this with us.

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