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Key Tips on Managing Facebook Engagement

    Facebook engagement

    People are using Facebook increasingly for business and many are wondering why they are having trouble getting noticed and so commented/liked and shared.

    Here are a few things to focus on to make sure your page improves.

    1. How many posts do you actually talk about yourself? Doing this occasionally is good – people get to see the personality of your business – but talking more than 1 in 5 posts about yourself can become wearying for your audience.
    2. Remember that this is a social network so be social, not one-way. Encourage communication and make sure you comment on peoples comments or at least like them. Remember to like their posts too.
    3. Create engaging posts – PostPlanner has some good starters for free on their site and if you look around you can be creative in how to get people talking – polls, questions, controversy, news stories, sharing fun videos .. once you ‘get it’ you’ll find all sorts of post ideas and watch to see what works best for your audience.
    4. Be consistent and by that I mean post regularly and often. Not everyone will see all your posts so posting once a day will miss most people. Using tools like Buffer lets you schedule 3 posts a day on their free version – that’s a good option.
    5. Make connections to grow your audience. Look for like businesses who have similar audiences to you and like each other; look up your friends friends and invite them to like you; give your audience a reason to share your posts and ask others to like your page. Use your like button everywhere – website, downloads, business cards. Ask people you meet at events to like your page.
    6. Be active. Facebook isn’t a set and forget medium. You need to be active on there and be seen to have a presence. Sure you can schedule your posts ahead of time but immediacy is king. On one group I am in, it’s like the group owner never sleeps  as soon as you post or comment, within minutes it seems she pops up and likes or comments back.
    7. A tip from Koby Conrad from The Hippie Bloggers is to tag yourself (and other key people) in your posts to increase the viral nature. Before I heard Koby’s tip I had started just liking my business page from my personal page and noticed a much higher organic reach in my stats! I’m going to see if tagging has a similar effect.Facebook engagement

    6 thoughts on “Key Tips on Managing Facebook Engagement”

    1. Great tips Mel! I will certainly have to put some of these to use. Marketing on social media isn’t my strong suit. I’m still not the brightest tweeter on Twitter, but I’m trying.

      I love the one where it says to like your own page and activity you share on it.


    2. I have a Facebook page and to be honest a lot of the likes are probably fake because I used a network (addmefast) to build my fan base. In other words, though I have almost 200 likes on my page, almost no one comments, likes, or shares my articles. I don’t think anyone does anything on the page. The only thing I share are links to my articles, maybe that’s why, I don’t know. I prefer to focus on Twitter.

      Thanks for the post though, great information.

      1. I’ve not been strong on Twitter and can understand the frustration of having unresponsive likers. Some say focus on where your prospects/customers are: others say be everywhere. I’m working on the latter 🙂

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