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7 Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 1 of 5

    create your own information product
    Making money online can be challenging. Yet creating your own information products is a terrific way to make money and keep all the profits. Of course, you need to create products that will appeal to your audience and keep them engaged.

    Here are 7 ways to help you do just that! Notes from the video follow below.

    1. Keep a notebook and pen or pencil with you all the time. Digital is fine so long as it’s available always and you use the same app. Inspiration pops up anywhere, anytime and you want to capture it and be able to use it. Once it is gone, there is no guarantee you will ever think of it again!
    2. Accept any idea that comes by you. Avoid the temptation to edit your ideas for products. What seems out of reach today may make a lot of sense tomorrow.
    3. Think about your interests, pastimes, hobbies. Begin there for ideas. Without too much effort you could easily come up with at least ten good ideas for a product for anything you’re involved in.
    4. What about your previous jobs or career? Think about what stories you know and how your working experience could make good content for an information product. Non-fiction products sell quite well and there is always demand for most work topics.
    5. Where do you live? Take a look around your own neighbourhood. Notice everything – landscaping, housing, fashion, garden ornaments – something will pop into your head as a possibility.
    6. While you’re thinking about how you spend your time, think about those around you. What are their hobbies and interests? There may be something there that could be developed into a great product.
    7. Check out the headlines on TV or News channels online or in print. Current events can spark an idea that is not only timely but likely to get some attention. Remember Y2k and the survival movement?

    An Extra Tip For You

    When did you last head into your local library? Scan the shelves and you will likely find something that would make a great product offering – and if it’s been written about a few times, there is likely to be a market.

    Want to find out some really cool ways to research a likely product idea? Go to my blog post for more …

    Keep an eye for another 7 Tips coming soon. In the meantime, start noticing product idea opportunities that pop by!


    20 thoughts on “7 Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 1 of 5”

    1. A notebook is an excellent way to jot down ideas. Every time I think of something, there’s never anything around to record my idea. Perhaps I should hang one around my neck.

    2. Love your header, Melanie! Another good way I’ve found to come up with product ideas and blog posts is to think about what people are ask you. For me, I get other marketers and writers asking me about tech topics – like WordPress or social media. A lot of times, I turn those questions into blog posts. 🙂

      1. Great point, Avery. If you are being asked about things there may be a product there, or at least content ideas. Thanks for popping by and commenting.

    3. Mel,

      I love the post and these are great tips. I just launched my first ever WSO with a PLR product today, but would like to someday do an info product. I will keep reading along here!

    4. Such wonderful ideas for creating Hot Products – and after reading this, it reminded me that I have a 2,316 report file about brainstorming that I never released as PLR. 🙂

      I shall have to go take a look at it and create an infographic for it too!

      Thanks for the reminder and the tips! 🙂

    5. LOVE these tips. It’s so important to create from your natural gifts and to also accept the ideas that come into our mind… they are divinely inspired! Great great advice and I thank you for sharing them with all of us to enjoy.

    6. These are great tips. I try to use all of them, but they don’t always work. I love that last one. I do something similar with books on Amazon. If people are buying, there there’s a market for it.

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