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12 Tips for Video Sales Pages

    Here are a few key tips from Ryan Deiss on what his team have found works best when implementing video sales letters.

    1. video sales letters convert well and are easier
    2. make them 12-24 minutes
    3. make them auto play
    4. don’t have controls
    5. sentences out pull bullet point presentations
    6. the higher the price the prettier he page
    7. tech and b2b might need more sophistication
    8. cold traffic suits basic plain presentation but put a logo on it
    9. simple works for cold traffic (headline, video, buy button)
    10. long works better with warm traffic (above plus text version below)
    11. borderless videos work better
    12. hide the buy button until the video nearly finished

    The key message from Ryan : test, test, test. Not all things work for all people and trends can change quickly. These key points are working for him right now so it seems worth following his lead.

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