The Value of eBooks as a Business Model

The Value of eBooks as a Business Model

If you’re thinking of starting a business online and you’re confused about what type of product to sell or to promote, here are some very simple concepts that anyone can put in place. They start with having one thing: an ebook.

The internet is all about information. It’s constantly being distributed, sold and passed around for free on the internet.

Sure, you can read free articles online about how to trade stocks, or how to improve your golf swing but those articles often don’t give you a step by step guide to learn all the tricks.

People now rely on the internet for information that will help guide them in how to do a highly specialized task like trading stocks, repairing vintage cars or losing weight.

There are lots of hard copy books available that will teach people how to do these things but increasingly people are turning to the internet to find solutions and current information on specialized tasks.

Here’s why an ebook can be a great asset to create.

  • An ebook is digital so can be kept online not stockpiled at a warehouse.
  • It’s accessible 24/7 as a download from a website.
  • Create the ebook once then sell it, over and over.
  • Once an ebook is created and up for sale it is available forever. You can profit from it for as long as you like.
  • After writing the ebook, the work is done, and it can continually make money for you.  Keep it updated, and keep creating more ebooks and you increase your chances of more profit potential.
  • When an ebook is sold, the customer does not have to wait for it.  It’s delivered to them instantly, and they can print it or store it on their computer or laptop so it is available to them more easily as they need it.
  • Traditional print books take around a year to be published and involve a big investment in printing, storage, postage and handling. Ebooks on the other hand have no publishing cost, and can be delivered through the internet saving time and money on postage and handling.
  • Anyone can create their own ebook.
  • There are both simple and sophisticated online marketing tools to drive traffic to your website for people to buy your ebook.
  • You can always revise and keep your ebook updated as fast as you can create new content.  This makes ebooks more relevant, current and up to date than a regular paperback.
  • An ebook can be bought (and sold) forever.  This gives it an unlimited profit potential.

So, think about taking some time and create a 30-100 page ebook. Make sure it is high quality, and gives the customer great value.  The time spent doing this has the potential to create a steady income stream.

Let your ebooks work for you.

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