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Getting Indexed in The Search Engines

Getting Indexed in The Search Engines

Being indexed in Google, Bing and elsewhere is one of the key things you need to do to get some traction under your spanking new website or blog.

I have a little site on one of the grab-and-drop self-build-it sites. It has worked fine until I mucked it up today and inadvertently enabled redirection on my domain manager. Brian not engaged. Of course that threw out my domain pointing and well, let’s just say I lost the site for a few hours.

read on ...
Where to Use Keywords

Where to Use Keywords

Use keywords effectively enhance your search engine ranking and get better organic search results.

Here’s where you can use the words to best effect:

  1. Your title page – plug them into your title tag
  2. On the first and last line of articles, or as phrases in articles. Google doesn’t read punctuation so if your keyword phrase is marathon training, you can end one sentence with marathon then start the next sentence with Training. Perfectly acceptable.
  3. In your anchor text such as links to other pages and in your photo or image tags, use your keyword phrases – they get good attention from search engines.
  4. In the title of an embedded video, in the filename of the video or in the alt tags

Don’t overdo it and stuff your content with your critical keywords or you may just do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Go easy but be intelligent about how and where you use read on ...

SEO and Rankings

SEO and Rankings

Finding the ‘best’ ways to get your site ranked in search engines is like a dark art in many ways …  so much advice, and much of it dated.

Today I came across these guys who seem to have cracked the jackpot for one their sites.

They give some of their tips and techniques but a fair bit is missing like the intricacies of how they tweaked the Thesis theme to get the most juice from it.


SEO is not one of my strengths, I’ll admit.

Every day is a learning opportunity.

Learn a bit. Apply a bit. Learn a bit more. Apply a bit more.

At the end of the month I’m going to run a webinar asking two guys who have a solid grip on SEO for their best knowledge and ideas.

I’ll keep read on ...