Getting Indexed in The Search Engines

Getting Indexed in The Search Engines

Being indexed in Google, Bing and elsewhere is one of the key things you need to do to get some traction under your spanking new website or blog.

I have a little site on one of the grab-and-drop self-build-it sites. It has worked fine until I mucked it up today and inadvertently enabled redirection on my domain manager. Brian not engaged. Of course that threw out my domain pointing and well, let’s just say I lost the site for a few hours.

TIP – if you are pointing your domain to another webhost DO NOT enable redirection

Anywho, as I laboured over how to get things back on track, I searched for the domain in Google. Surprise. Not. One. Record. And the site had been live for around two years or more.

As I said it was a little site. I was just using it for … well I don’t know really!

That’s a lie. I do. I was simply trying to create a secondary site to another main authority site I had. More eyeballs, more chances of getting a little traffic, that sort of thing.

Well, through the search I then wondered, “did I ever actually submit it to be indexed?”

Then I had to remind myself how to do that and came upon this handy reference guide. It’s a good list of things to do when you’re setting up a new site or blog.

So, if you want to get indexed in Google, Bing or anywhere else fast – read this one and follow it.

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  1. You’re so right. Flipping sites about can really rankle things and you’ve provided a valuable resource for getting things back in order. Sitemaps are key and you can use a free WP plugin to get one made. I like to use ping sites like Pingler, Pingoat and IndexKings to really get the web spiders crawling (have to specify web spiders to dial down the ickiness factor, lol). Cheers!

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