SEO Tip – Install Broken Link Plugin

SEO Tip – Install Broken Link Plugin

Broken links or outdated links can really harm your SEO efforts. Getting ranked is problematic if search engines see lots of 404’s and more being returned.

In migrating a website from one CMS platform to another I chose to use an online broken link checker. There are a few available for free. Some will give a complete listing, others will give a sample. Some will check all your site, some you can just check a directory.

I am running my development on a test site. Using the online tools was useful but tedious. If all else fails – check the WordPress repository, assuming you are developing on WP.

I installed “Broken Link Checker” and it is brilliant. It checks the site for any and all broken links, gives you a complete listing and easy tools to repair the issues. Yes, it takes time, but performing this function in the dashboard is way easier than copying the online results and going through those.

My recommendation is to install it and run it on all your WP sites to see if you have any issues from broken links.

You’re welcome 🙂

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