How To Really Get Your IM Business Rocking

How To Really Get Your IM Business Rocking

A lot of the time, people at the starting or bottom end of the internet marketing online business chain are not doing much but learning. Some of us become professional learners.

We’re stuck in a state of mad desire to get a business happening and complete inertia – the more you learn the more confused you become and the more you realise there is to learn. We flick from forum to website to article in search of the Holy Grail that will lead us to internet riches.

Well, here’s the news folks.

The riches are right in front of you. What you need to do (and I’m talking to myself here as well!) is to buckle down, have a plan and stick to it until you get results. Then continue working it.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Information Product Creation, Freelancing, Google Adwords or whatever. Every system works. There are people who exist in cyber space who have made money with every conceivable method that exists.

What made them successful?

Having a plan.

Sticking to the plan.

Taking action.

So, let’s get you moving.

Here are my notes from watching a webinar by Robert Plank today. This is a PLAN, it’s a METHOD and each action is DOABLE. You’re going to need to find some time and headspace first.

  1. Free up some time by not watching tv – catch up on Netflix or iTunes or record it and watch it later so you can flick through ads and save time
  2. Be aware of what your weak points are eg not planning your time or procrastinating. Work out a game plan to minimise their effect
  3. Improve your attitude
  4. Talk to yourself better  stop wallowing and feeling sorry for yourself
  5. Focus on what makes you the most money right now or has the potential to and milk it for all it’s worth
  6. Make a schedule to get things done. Have stuff transcribed, have autoresponders written and scheduled, etc

The Plan

ONE – Set yourself up financially

Step 1 – make sure you have at least one months income in the bank to reduce the stress. Get yourelf some freelancing gigs, whatever you can save, work at it

Step 2 – if you have enough in the bank, reduce your debs, especially credit cards.

Step 3 – save on a regular basis for taxes and super – put as much as you can into your retirement fund

The idea is to put a solid cushion behind you to fall back on and reduce finanical issues going forward.

TWO – Start – Make a product

  • Get good at something – be a transcriptionist, writing articles, losing weight, playing golf, whatever
  • Read a book a week to educate your self where you’re lacking knowledge
  • Compile a report showing what you do eg a word document with some photos of your renovations before selling
  • put together a 20-60 minute audio lesson explaining how to do it – real estate, hypnosis – there’s already lots out there but you can do it better

THREE – Get your funnel going

  1. get an autoresponder, set up an optin page
  2. what is it converting at?  make more forum posts to get more traffic
  3. do you have a 10 day follow up sequence? do your new subscribers see your blog posts, your report, your webpage, your sales letter
  4. if you don’t have anything or can’t put anything together, buy some pre-written content, get the rights to sell it and set up a sales page with an active buy button
  5. what’s the sales letter convert at? how do you know? do you know? Make sure you let people know where to find the sales letter
  6. Set up an affiliate program so people can recommend people to your products and promote it for you
  7. if at this point you’re making say $100 from freelancing, $500 from your day job and selling $300 products, then focus on the products. (Build a bigger list, put out more products, get more traffic etc)

FOUR – Set up a coaching program

  1. find someone you can work with to help them for free eg
  2. once you have them as a case study, this becomes version 2

FIVE – Extend

  1. who is in your niche at your level and size to buddy up with?
  2. ask to interview them and tell your subscribers about them – builds the friendship with them
  3. contact one new person a day and figure out how you can talk to them for 20 min – becomes a bonus, a free offer for an opt-in

SIX – Repeat

  1. At this point you should be making more money each month
  2. Don’t need to get into new niche – you already have a passion and are getting paid to do something. Maximise it rather than let it die on the vine and move onto something untested and unproven


  • Your marketing has to be meaningful- just sending out what everyone else is sending won’t cut it
  • Info products will always make money
  • Pick your topics eg embroidery, scrapbooking, guitar lessons, self help, golf, weight loss,
  • Find out what people are buying and check what competitors are doing
  • Build the list, build the relationship, get more traffic, improve your sales letter – you can continue tweaking once it’s all in place.
  • Avoid the scarcity, blaming mentality. Have the idea of abundance – it’s way more empowering.

What if…

  • You could produce a report to sell @ $27 – sell one – that’s one hour of work for $27; sell more than one and your hourly rate automatically increases for the same level of work
  • You set up a Member site @ $97 per month per person  – sell one a day – a much better ROI
  • Get 30 members paying $97 per month – you just replaced your day job. You can then support your family or others, travel, pay more of your debt off, pay out your mortgage, retire earlier, have longer holidays. It all starts with a plan, commitment and action.

What you can achieve

  • 1.1 million words transcribed by others to produce
  • write an article in 7 minutes or less
  • turn one idea into 52 articles
  • produce 50 x 5 minute videos in a  day
  • record 100 articles in a day
  • produce a sales letter in one hour
  • do a blog post in 15 minutes

By doing these things faster you can produce more, build a list faster, get indexed faster, become an authority site.

If what you are doing now is not working, then get yourself more productive. If you’re not now – and I guess you’re not, then grab this. It is a foolproof easy to apply system to get stuff done.

Here’s 5 areas where you might be having issues

  • marketing your products
  • managing your time
  • writing articles
  • creating content
  • producing videos, products and traffic

So, if you want to start getting results, start DOING.

  1. Set a schedule for working on your Online Business DAILY – make it early in the morning for an hour or last thing at night – whatever works best for you but keep it as a commitment and try to keep the same time scheduled so you set up a routine
  2. Write out a plan of what you will PRODUCE over the week and each day eg This week I want to write a year’s worth of blog posts and 20 Articles for Submitting to directories. eg Tuesday I will write 12 blog posts on niche X.
  3. At the appointed time and date, clear your desk, clear your head and do the ONE THING you said you would do. Do it in one batch and get it done. DO NOT check email or forums or social media pages. Just get it done. then go play.

What’s the very next thing you are going to do as a result of reading this post?

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