How To Be More Productive, Part 4

How To Be More Productive, Part 4

Ok, so my notes from the Helen Raptoplous call have identified:

  1. each day do four things you can complete towards your main current project
  2. then do the regular things you need to do consistently – daily, weekly, monthly activities
  3. then, if scheduled, do your block period of focused attention on a big project
  4. finally, if scheduled, take the day to plan, flesh out ideas or build systems

That’s kind of the priority order of undertaking actions every day to progress.

A key plank in this methodology (in my view in any time management or productive endeavour) is to have accountability.

Robert Plank introduced us to this concept in one of his courses where he encouraged us to set up an accountability membership site. The idea was to buddy up with someone, declare your four things at the beginning of the day then report back at the end of the day either saying DONE for each item or explaining why it’s not done.

Being held accountable removes excuses that we use for ourselves, it motivates us to do things because someone else now knows and we’re less likely to procrastinate when we’ve publicly declared our intentions.

Helen went beyond the member site idea and suggested whatever works for you – blog about it, tweet about it, update your Facebook status, do a YouTube video. However you do it, let others know what you’re going to work on and by when. Then, update them when it’s done or at the end of the day. The idea is that by checking in with others, you now have skin in the game and your reputation is on the line! It compels you to action.

This idea is one I agree with. Working solo enables one lots of opportunities to rationalise why you’re busy but not achieving what you need to. Having another person you work with in this regard is rewarding and I suspect Raptoplous incorporates this feature heavily within her 30 Day Productivity Challenge.

Overall, the message Raptopoulos conveyed was nothing new and even sounded a bit complicated. I doubt that bothers her. As she says, you need to close the gap between information and action and her program is geared to do just that. I agree with her when she states that you need to commit to implementing what you are learning and what you know ie take action.

This series has been about being more productive. I do believe the key Robert Plank ideas (4 Things a Day, Accountability) as well as Helen’s ideas about Consistent Actions, Big Plan Blocks and Systems/Ideas/Planning Days will lead you to being more productive.

My recommendation is start with:

  1. Four Things a Day – complete one then the next
  2. Consistent Actions – daily, weekly, monthly activities
  3. Accountability – commit daily then report back

Implement those three habits and I guarantee you’ll be doing way more than you are now.

Oh, and use RTM to make it all happen!

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