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WordPress: Showing Home + Static Page

    Hi folks

    I can’t believe how easy a solution was available for this problem, and I fixed it myself after hours of searching!

    I set up a new website using WordPress. No issue. Normally when I set one of these up I just use the blog posts as the first page and never have to to encounter this problem.

    However, this time I wanted to set up a Static Page as my Home Page. No biggie – WordPress has that functionality right under the hood. Go to Settings/Reading/Front Page Displays and select “static page” then choose which page you want as your new ‘home’ or front page and where you want to refer to your blog posts. Easy as.

    Trouble was when I did that I ended up with both two navigation menu items highlighted as the home page. Grrr. I figured this must be a common problem so searched .. and searched .. and searched for a solution. Nothing in the WP Documentation pages, nor much on the support pages and not much emanating from Google searches. Most solutions recommended fiddling with the code on various template pages (header.php, index.php etc). I didn’t want to mar my coding – I figured the people who created my template were far better coders than me and fully expected there was  a softer solution.

    Well, four hours later, it clicked with me.  Want to know what I did?

    1. Go to your Pages menu.
    2. Select the Page you selected as your new front or ‘home’ page
    3. Go to the right hand section labelled “Publish”. See that item called ‘Visibility’? Click to the right of that and choose ‘Private’
    4. Click “Update”

    Voila – you now have only one navigation item instead of 2!


    Why was it that hard to work out and why didn’t that solution pop up before?

    Go  figure.