WordPress 4.3 Is Live: Billie Holliday

Named after the legendary jazz singer, Billie Holliday, WordPress 4.3 is now up and running.

There are a five improvements I really appreciate:

  • You can use a hashtag # to signify a headline when typing into the editor
  • You can use an asterix as a shortcut for a bullet point.
  • It’s much easier to keep a consistent brand – by placing your logo or icon in the Customizer it will populate browser tabs, bookmarks and more no matter what theme you switch to
  • Beefing up the Customizer a tad more, you can now set up menus in it
  • What I really love is that when you create a Page, comments are automatically turned OFF – yayy! No more forgetting to manually turn them off

Definitely update asap. It’s a better WordPress with some very useful tools and we hope more secure with its improved password functionality too.

wordpress 4.3 billie

WordPress 4.3 – Billie



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