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What Are You Putting Off?

    postponing - seneca

    Not sure about you but I sure am guilty at times of putting things off. Delaying until I have ‘enough’ information.

    Postponing decisions out of fear of making the wrong one.

    Problem is, the decision you need to make or act you need to take does not usually go away.  It either hangs over your head like a dark cloud or, it expands and blows up.

    Of course, this can be in any area of your life.

    Right now I’m postponing booking a holiday.  Why? Fear. At the end of the day it’s not uncommon for fear to be at the bottom of procrastination. For me it’s fear of flying across the Pacific Ocean for 16 hours. It’s fear of traveling solo. It’s fear of the “what if’s”.

    But what if I don’t? What if I don’t book the holiday? I miss out on a wonderful opportunity. I miss out on building my resilience from traveling alone. I miss out on celebrating and marking the passage of years (big birthday number this year!).

    How about business?

    There are things I put off. I demur on doing face to face video. I can get over that or get through it by using slides. Eventually, by practicing a thing you get better at it. I’m sure once i get back into doing video with slides I can, well, slide into doing face to face video.

    Procrastinating, postponing, putting off, deferring … these are valid actions that serve a purpose – to keep you safe and sound.

    The challenge is when they stop you living your best life and building your best business.

    What are you postponing right now?

    What are you going to do about it?


    I’m booking that trip – if there’s still a seat left!



    3 thoughts on “What Are You Putting Off?”

    1. It seems that fear is the root of a lot of bad decisions, procrastination and inactivity.
      I really understand the fear of getting in front of a camera. In fact I did that in 2013 but right now it scares me – even talking while using slides.

      Good for you for taking the time to GO on your holiday.

      I remember when I was “kicking” fear in the butt. I did it despite my fear and little by little it got easier.

      1. Guilt is unnecessary Carrie Anne. It’s about deciding your priorities and sometimes doing that which you don’t wish to do … like the washing 🙂

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