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5 Ways To Make Money With A Blog


    Making money from your blog is not easy. It’s especially difficult if you just start out to blog to dump thoughts and ideas fro your brain with little focus on strategy, audience or purpose. And that’s how most blog’s start.

    The best success comes from having a purpose in mind when you start a blog (or turn one around).

    Here are a few models that people have implemented to make money. How much? Possibly more than they planned if executed well.

    1. Affiliate Sales

    Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to make money when you know what you’re doing and have a repeatable system in place. Find products which pay you a commission and promote them to your audience. The better you target the product to your audience the better. Make sure the products are quality – they will reflect the reputation you build.

    2. Build Your Own Products

    For me this is easier and of course can be more profitable. However the key is in building products that people (and your audience) want to buy. The second key is this: it’s not enough to create the product. You must market and promote it – and bloggers are not necessarily comfortable doing that. It’s THE key skill to learn in any business.

    3. Elearning

    Create and sell online courses. You can do that through your email, your blog, your website or through a course provider. It can be as simple as 3 lessons or an entire program broken into a series of modules. I am converting my workshops into online assets and delivering them that way.

    4. Live Events

    It used to be teleseminars that were the go. Now it’s Webinars. The technology is getting easier and more accessible for anyone to run a live session for 15 – 60 minutes. Record it and then not only can you sell seats to the original event but you can sell the recorded product. Or, re-purpose it!

    5. Memberships

    As simple as a password protected section of your website to as complex and expensive as software like WishList Member. Work out what specialness you can offer your audience, set up a membership site and entice them to join. There are a ton of ways to set these up: free, paid, short term, continuous etc.

    Of course, there’s always advertising but that’s not my specialty.

    How are you monetising your blog?

    8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Money With A Blog”

    1. When I first started blogging I fought myself on whether to have one or many blogs. I flipped flopped for a while, but separate is the way to go. Cross promoting them to each other works well with related or complementary topics as well. Affiliate sales is one of my favorite ways to earn a living right now. 🙂

    2. I like affiliate marketing because you can do it through blog posts or via email. I am working on getting my first info product done and on sale for this month. I am nervous about this.

      Webinars are the big thing at the moment. I might consider that down the line. Just need to build up the confidence to talk llive.

      1. You seem to be doing it pretty well, Victoria. Look forward to seeing your product – and you on a webinar sometime soon!

        1. At the moment, I still need a reason for people to subscribe to my blog. I don’t even have that option right now, but I have a series of emails I’m writing at the moment to start off with and will go from there. I need to find a reliable option for an email marketing system that doesn’t cost a fortune right now. Any suggestions?

          1. Yep. Mailchimp. Zero cost for less than 2000 subscribers and really easy to use. Has an undeserved bad rep in Internet Marketing because ‘they don’t allow affiliate marketing’ truth is they hate spammy affiliate marketers. The only issue I’ve had with them is a warning letter for too many bounces – the list I mailed was stale and they see very helpful.

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