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Top 10 Tips For Participating in a Challenge

    The fact that we have so many Challenges around these days must say something about the human psyche. I guess we’re a competitive bunch. And we love competing against ourselves.

    (I wonder if self development is a predominantly first-world problem?)

    No matter what you want to improve you can bet there is a Challenge somewhere which you can participate in.

    – 30 Day Challenge
    – 500 words a day Challenge
    – Video a day Challenge

    This year I have been involved in the Article Writing Challenge. It’s run by Bonnie Gean and she does a stellar job. She also leads by example.

    The purpose of the challenge is to write daily. Now, you could write an article a day for an article directory, a PLR pack, a novel, or whatever you determine an article to be. Most people actively participating are posting articles daily to their blog.

    I’ve participated twice and each time have not met the challenge. Oh, my intentions were honourable and I was keen to get back into the habit of posting to my blog. Still, I piked out and for me that has been useful.

    Here are my top tips for Challenges.

    1. Don’t start a challenge because it seems a good idea.
    2. Know what activities the Challenge is going to involve
    3. Before you start a challenge, do some preparation
    4. Map out your topics ahead of time
    5. If you can, write a weeks worth of posts in one sitting then drip them out and notify the challenge daily
    6. If you can’t, schedule time each day to write, add images, post, notify other challengers – at least an hour
    7. Schedule time to visit other challengers posts and comment – an hour
    8. Make sure you build traffic outside the challenge (when the challenge stops, so does your traffic!)
    9. Make time to repurpose your content so you get more value from your effort
    10. Don’t stop the activities when the Challenge ends – learn from the experience and keep going
    11. Build friendships with other challengers along the way

    Above all else, approach a Challenge with a sense of fun and adventure. It’s a great skill builder and a learning experience!

    8 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips For Participating in a Challenge”

    1. I love challenges because it seems like you have coworkers for a time, and it’s great to network with others doing what you’re doing. You have given some great advice for challenges. I think number 10 is one of the most important ones.

      1. Sure is warming to know people are reading! And being soloists, it’s great to have colleagues for a bit 🙂 Thanks Crystal.

    2. All great points. It is important to put time aside so that you can get the writing done. I also like the fact that you have to nurture new friendships during and then after a challenge ends.

      Cool 🙂

    3. I love point 8. It’s true that many take the traffic they gain during the challenge for granted. I made that mistake the first time I did one of these challenges. Oh and number 11 is excellent too. I’ve built a few friendships from previous challenges.

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