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The Secret of Success Online

    I love reading success stories, don’t you? Inspirational. Optimistic. Hopeful.

    I came across a post on Yaro starek’s blog I was intrigued by how his colleague had come to enjoy the success he had. I have a theory.

    When I was purely focused on bricks-and-mortar business and earning a living from that, I used to teach people starting up new businesses.  They were all starry-eyed and enthusiastic about the prospect of their future. They were excited about their product or service.  And as I glanced around the room as I was training them I could tell with a certain degree of certainty who were the ones most likely to succeed and who was going to struggle and probably not survive at all.

    One of the indicators for success was

    (a) if they had a family member who had a sucessful business and

    (b) if they had previous experience running a business.

    Same seems to hold in the online business world – if you were successful offline and can adapt to the online then your chances of success are high.

    The good news is that those who have a clue about how to run a business, even if they haven’t run one, can also enjoy online success.

    It just may take a little longer.

    The secret is not in the systems and methods and processes (although these are essential). The real secret is in how you operate and what goes on in your head.

    Behaviours, attitudes and actions.

    Get these syncing and you’re success ratio is very high.

    14 thoughts on “The Secret of Success Online”

    1. This is very encouraging! I’m just starting to think about taking my blog to the next level and making some money online. I’ve my own business in the past and I miss working for myself.

      1. I try replying to comments from my iPad without success. Sometimes the promise and reality diverge. But I get what you mean. And less physically stressful too.

      1. Absolutely, Tamsin. It’s great that anyone can start an online business but realising it IS a business is the first step.

    2. As long as people understand that running an online business is just as much work as running one offline, they’re steps ahead of other entrepreneurs.

      Attitude is everything and so are business ethics! Without a good dose of each, the business doesn’t stand a chance, IMO.

    3. I ran a business for years in the brick and mortar world and I think it definitely helps me in my online activities for a business. In both cases, running a business has the same tasks and require the same level of education.

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