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Take Control of Your Content

    One of the big issues I’ve had with owning sites and blogs is continually adding content and keeping it fresh.

    First I’d create my own posts but my publishing was quite erratic. I’d post a few things one day then nothing for a few days and then eventually nothing for weeks on end. My blog effectively ‘died’.

    I then tried a few different automated content fillers. Ones where the tool would grab content from other sites and post it to my site. That worked in keeping fresh content coming to my blog. What I found though was the feeds were unreliable in terms of the type of information they would post.

    Next I tried joining SEOLinkvine – you sign up, tell it the kind of topics you want articles on. Other people write articles on their topics and SEOLinkine basically matches what you want with what others are writing.

    Again that worked for a while in filling my blog with content but I found the main issue was the articles had text links within the article which again took people to sometimes totally unrelated topics areas.

    I came to the conclusion that I wanted more control over the content that was appearing on my site than was occurring through automated submission from outside sources.

    I decided I had to create the content if I wanted uniqueness, highly appropriate topic content and to keep my site sticky.

    Back to the original problem – inconsistent posting.

    00446922Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your content in batches and with one click have it publish when you want it to, how you want it to? While it’s doing that, you can kick back on the beach!

    Well, you can. And more. Drop by tomorrow for the solution! Until then, start putting together a batch of posts on a favourite topic. I’m about to show you how you can post that content automatically to drip out when you want it to AND have a corresponding email automatically generated to let your readers know to check out your post. And that’s not all.

    See you tomorrow!