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Product Creation Strategy – Using PLR

      If you want to create your own product (and why wouldn’t you?), then buying PLR or Private Label Rights content is a quick and easy way to do it. PLR is the digital version of “white label” products. Simply put, someone manufactures a product, say cereal and sells that product to other companies who then put their own brand on it and resell it as their own. Same with PLR. With PLR you get the benefits of having a ready-to-go product without having to start from scratch creating it yourself. That reduces your time to get your product to the market… Read More »Product Creation Strategy – Using PLR


    Super Duper PLR Deal On Now

      It’s on again! Every year, Jimmy Brown compiles the mother of high-value PLR. This year is no exception and it is a terrific deal. I’ve followed Jimmy for years and he is one of the good guys: a genuine and generous marketer who only puts out quality material that you can use – without the fluff and padding common these days. Look at what he has included in this years package … In fact, you check out the sales page, you’ll even get an education in PLR – from its beginnings to how to use it! You’ll also learn by… Read More »Super Duper PLR Deal On Now

      5 Ways To Make Money With PLR

        Want to know the fastest way to have good quality products ready to sell? Use Private Label Rights (PLR). You can find PLR articles, reports, graphics, audio and video that will quickly suit your needs and get you up and running fast. When you run an online business, it’s really important to have a product ready for the market quickly so it can start generating traffic as quickly as possible. Using PLR, it is quite feasible to have a product ready to go in less than a week. Because PLR is licensed to you in a way that you can… Read More »5 Ways To Make Money With PLR

        How to Use PLR Content to the Max

          Know how to use PLR products to best effect? Using Private Label Rights material can be almost as good as having someone write the product for you … if you know how to use it well. Of course, the best thing you can do in the first place is acquire good PLR. There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend more time rewriting poor PLR than just writing it yourself from scratch. I’ve fallen into the trap sometimes of spending more time than it would take me to write from the outset! Having said that, even if the PLR… Read More »How to Use PLR Content to the Max

          What’s In a PLR Package That Over-delivers?

            The perfect information product: it’s at the top of the wish list of most internet marketers. You can just see it can’t you? All shiny and bright, ready to drive off with all the options decked out. A truly quality written PLR eBook or article pack with all the extras loaded in like graphics, checklists and an email sequence. There’s a classic line in an Australian movie called “The Castle” and it’s this: “Tell him he’s dreaming!” Well, maybe not so. There are some terrific PLR packages out there and the competition is so great that fully optioned packages are… Read More »What’s In a PLR Package That Over-delivers?

            Free PLR – Is It Worth It At All?

              Free PLR doesn’t cost a dime to get hold of so, it can’t be valuable, right? Ah, tempting it is. Free PLR. We love free, don’t we? Don’t you gravitate to the freebie giveaways handed out at the train station from those fit looking promotion gals or guys? I know I have. There are times where that has paid off and there are times I wish I hadn’t elbowed my way in for my free handout. Same with PLR. Sometimes, free PLR is more effort than it’s worth. Ask yourself why it’s free to start with! • A site may… Read More »Free PLR – Is It Worth It At All?