What’s In a PLR Package That Over-delivers?

What’s In a PLR Package That Over-delivers?


The perfect information product: it’s at the top of the wish list of most internet marketers. You can just see it can’t you? All shiny and bright, ready to drive off with all the options decked out. A truly quality written PLR eBook or article pack with all the extras loaded in like graphics, checklists and an email sequence.

There’s a classic line in an Australian movie called “The Castle” and it’s this: “Tell him he’s dreaming!” Well, maybe not so. There are some terrific PLR packages out there and the competition is so great that fully optioned packages are becoming more mainstream. Even so, you’ll need to be alert and do some detective work.

How do you find out who the good guys are in PLR-land? Start your research on the Warrior Forum classifieds section or even ask around to find who has this kind of offer.

Dig about and even get on a waiting list if you need to because there are a few decent PLR membership sites that offer reasonably good PLR packages: a bit like a one stop shop. Most membership sites are happy for members to offer up suggestions on what topics they want that haven’t yet been covered.

Would you know a perfect PLR package if you came across it? Make sure you look for one that is in a hot, evergreen niche – health, weight loss, relationships, hobbies and sports and the ever popular, “how to make money” and internet marketing niches are good starting points. Yes they are saturated and that means people are buying.

You’ll be doing well if you can get a PLR package that has say
• a 30+ page eBook with basic formatting,
• a cover graphic,
• a smaller report to offer as a freebie on the squeeze page,
• a decent looking sales page with header graphics,
• a 10+ article pack for blog posts or email follow ups,
• and a nice looking squeeze page template.

Yes, that is likely to set you back more than $5. Imagine what you would pay if you hired someone to produce each of thise items for you.
• A ghostwriter will cost $10 to $30 a page for the eBooks and articles. That’s $500 and up.
• A graphic designer to create the graphics for the cover and header for the sales page goes for $500 or so.
• The sales letter would cost a minimum of $1,000 for a decent one.

Add that up and you’re looking at around $2,000 for a one of a kind product … on a budget. You could easily pay 10 times that for top billed writers and designers.

If you come across a site that you pay a reasonable monthly fee for quality PLR kits, then you’re doing very well.

Ah, but then the PLR is not unique I hear you say. Yes, but even though there may be 200 licenses being sold, statistically only 20 will ever be used. Think about that. And, of course, you’d never use PLR out of the box, would you?

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