How to Use PLR Content to the Max

How to Use PLR Content to the Max


Know how to use PLR products to best effect? Using Private Label Rights material can be almost as good as having someone write the product for you … if you know how to use it well.

Of course, the best thing you can do in the first place is acquire good PLR. There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend more time rewriting poor PLR than just writing it yourself from scratch. I’ve fallen into the trap sometimes of spending more time than it would take me to write from the outset!

Having said that, even if the PLR product is good quality you’re best to always rewrite it to some degree.

At a minimum it is always good to follow these steps:

  1. change the title around (but keep the keywords intact)
  2. modify the section titles
  3. add an introductory paragraph or page

Set yourself a time limit so you don’t get caught up spending too much time rewriting. If the article is good enough, then leave it alone once you’ve changed the basics above. The key to a good article is an attention getting title with the keyword in it followed by an interesting introductory paragraph. So spend more time on this than you would on the rest of the article.

The same advice applies to an eBook: make an introduction that lays the framework for the rest of the report. Spend time on the reason why they need the information in the report and then finesse the headlines and sub-headlines as needed. Unless you feel compelled to rewrite the entire eBook, it’s prudent to have a “near enough is good enough” attitude – it’s the shortest path to success. Use the time saved to create more content!

Remember that even though the PLR is in an eBook format you can easily …

  • break it up into a series of e-lessons
  • slice it into smaller articles to post to your blog or social media
  • submit to the ezine directories (but check their Terms which may not allow it)
  • fill up your autoresponder weeks ahead of time
  • convert them into a slideshow made with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • record a podcast as you read it
  • turn it into a video to promote your site from video sharing sites
  • make an infographic from it

Never underestimate the power of having articles and posts peppered all over the web, each creating backlinks to your site. PLR simply makes it easier for you to create those articles. The more articles you have out there, the more your name will get in front of the people who you are trying to reach – you become an authority in your field.

Because video is a popular mode of communication, you should take any way you can to get it out in front of your target audience. PLR articles converted to video as well as already made PLR videos that you buy are a quicker way to get that kind of media out there.

With PLR, you can put together an original package that pulls together different pieces from various sources and you can bundle up a premium information product in a fraction of the time you’d put into it if you made it from scratch since someone else did most of the writing, recording and research. Learn to think outside the box with your PLR content. It’s yours to do with as you please, so become skilled at ways you can use it effectively in your business.

8 thoughts on “How to Use PLR Content to the Max

  1. I think it was Peg Baron that created a guide to show buyers how to rewrite PLR, but if there was a course that gave over the shoulder video instructions on how to use PLR and do it effectively to benefit the goal of the writer, I’m sure it would sell like hotcakes.

    I do find it’s much easier to sit down and write out a blog post when I have good PLR. It’s a real time saver and at times, a brain saver.

    Great post on showing the many ways someone can reuse what’s already been done for them.

  2. Great tips for someone considering using PLR materials on their blog. I’m still looking into the idea of creating PLR material. Don’t know when I’ll have time for that though!

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