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Stop Procrastinating. Start Doing – Now!

    When you are in business, it’s really easy to get busy. There’s an endless stream of activities to do and lots of things vie for your attention. And one day you step back and realise you’re busting your butt and getting nowhere and you still haven’t got those projects off the ground. You notice the date you first thought about those projects and time between then and now just seems to have disappeared.

    Sometimes you want to be fully ready and prepared before you start, you want be sure you’ve researched and analysed and arrived at the best solution. At times you want to not start until you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Or, you want to start but you don’t know where or how to!

    Perfectionism, ignorance, lack of clarity … there are lots of reasons why we fail to started on projects.

    If like me you tend to procrastinate … for whatever reason … you need or paste this up in front of you!