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Selecting Clickbank Products: how do you know which product to choose?

    Lately I’ve been looking at getting back into Clickbank. It’s something I flirted with a while back but my focus stalled and now I’m thinking it may be time to review that thinking. So I did a little googling as you do.

    Alexa Smith has some sage input on the whole process of choosing which Clickbank products to promote as an affiliate.

    I’ve summarised her ideas here, as much for my benefit as yours.  

    1. are the likely buyers already affiliates in the niche? eg IM
    2. does the product sales page have opt-ins, free trials etc
    3. how legit is the copy? not too over-the-top?
    4. are there any pop-ups or discounts?
    5. what’s the gravity (many recommend lower the better)?
    6. does the sales page seem like it will convert well?
    7. what’s the product like – good?
    8. does the vendor get back to you?
    9. 50% or better earnings per sale?
    10. can you write a review/article about product ie understandable?

    Question whether flash affiliate tools are helpful – you might prefer to do a more subtle conversion.

    Alexa reveals that as soon as she started to avoid anything that had an opt-in ona sales page and avoided high gravity products, her sales improved significantly.

    Can’t argue with in-the-field experience, now can we?

    You can read her full post here.