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Robert Kiyosaki on Writing Books


    Kiyosaki is a great businessman and entrepreneur. He does not consider himself to be a good writer or author.  But he knew he had a message people needed to hear – he was in complete disagreement with conventional financial planning advice. When his book was rejected so many times, and he gained nothing from hiring a publicist, he decided he had to learn about sales and marketing and psychology to understand why people buy.

    Here are some key things Kiyosaki had to say at a publicity seminar.

    You can never stop promoting and you can never stop selling to become a best-selling author.

    Being a best-selling author is different to being a best-writing author.

    If we don’t keep learning we won’t stay on the Best Seller Lists where we’ve been for over ten years and want to stay.


    Be willing to say something no-one else is saying