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Registry Maintenance

    Here’s some useful information gleaned from GiveawayOfTheDay comments on a  recent offer:

    First clean the Registry of your machine using award-winning freeware like “Auslogics Registry Cleaner”, “(Portable) Wise Registry Cleaner” and/or (Portable) CCleaner + CCEnhancer

    And combine them with “Registry Trash Keys Finder” for more advanced Registry junk cleaning.

    Then, to defrag your cleaned registry, just use one of this FREE APPS ki$$ing your wallet goodbye for good: (==> only for bloody geeks like me…LOL!) (==> New Giovannni’s entry)

    Finally, once you have finished to optimize your system, you can even test for FREE your PC performance (CPU, RAM, HDD, 2D Graphics, 3D Gaming Graphics etc…) to find out its real speed, so as to make sure that it’s running at its top speed!!!



    * QwikMark

    Total cost of the entire PC maintenaince operation ==> 0 $/€

    Stable freeware’s from reliable developers.

    Auslogics Registry Defrag

    Wise Registry Cleaner (has inbuilt registry defragger too)

    Quicksys RegDefrag 2.9 (although development stopped – still good)

    Little Registry Optimizer

    original file here

    TweakNow 2012 4.0.5 (freeware)Later current versions are all shareware
    it has reg defragger as well as lot of other tweaking features – can be downloaded from link given below :

    No warranty or endorsement is expressly given or implied. This is for information purposes only and readers are encouraged to research and assess their needs and the best tool to achieve their objective. Always backup (and ensure you can restore the backup) before doing any maintenance activity.