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Product Review: Editorial Calendar App

    So I have been checking out Editorial Calendars. Every now and then I need to regroup and be more organised. That means I need to look at the systems I use (assuming of course I’m using one!) and review how effective they are.

    I have a couple of editorial calendars on my desktop. The problem is these are not portable and often get out of date. I could load them into Dropbox or OneDrive or Evernote but I find I don’t work well that way.

    I also have an editorial calendar plugin on a couple of my websites which is useful. The challenge is that these are site-specific and so I don’t have an overview of all my content schedules, and I need to log in to each site to make any edits.

    Then I came across an iPhone app.

    Curiously, it is called “Editorial Calendar” (EC).

    I became excited. Then disappointed. Then intrigued.

    Excited because I thought this might be an answer if it was cross-platform. Disappointed because it wasn’t.

    The app is available on both the iPhone and iPad. You can install on both but they don’t sync. There’s no web app or desktop app to sync with either.

    You enter data into the calendar. The current months calendar is displayed. Pick a date and select “+”. Give a post title as ‘new event’, select a Category (where you will post eg social media, blog) then choose a location (I used this to show which website the post related to) and finally select a date and time. These did not seem the most relevant fields to me. Basically however the app does the job. What you end up with is a month calendar with a marker for each post by day and the post detail is listed below when you tap on it in the calendar. It would be an nice improvement to have the full months posts in the list below the calendar and be able to move them around for better flow.

    It’s possible to also record notes by text or by voice recording which is a great feature.

    The app has a Document Scanner and a QR Code Scanner which could come in handy for collecting resource material.

    There is a Tips function although that just tells you what each app module does rather than offer specific tips.

    In summary, this app has a number of basic elements for an editorial calendar and would be much better if the functionality was developed just a little further.

    The good: visual planning calendar; centralised data collection; ability to email notes and voice; ability to create PDF from scan and email.

    The bad: inability to sync; inability to see actual content of calendar in one view; limited functionality in calendar module.

    For me, it’s a tool that could be quite useful and with more functionality it would be a keeper.

    The app is a decent lead generator for up-selling to the developers magazine on Social Media. You get a free sample issue and then it is a paid subscription through the App Store.


    6 thoughts on “Product Review: Editorial Calendar App”

    1. I have a very smart smartphone (Samsung S3) but to my shame I have only ever used it for calls and texts. I’ve never used an app on it since I got it in November. My husband just shakes his head in despair, but eventually I’ll get there. I did learn to program the VCR in the end just before we got a DVD player instead LOL

      1. I’d hate to count how many I have or have had! You may be smarter than you think, by keeping things simple, Ana!

    2. I must be in the minority group that doesn’t use their electronic devices as much as others do. Yes, I own an iPad and a Kindle, but with the smaller screens (and let’s not even talk about the small phone screens) — I am chained to my desktop!

      APPS are cool as long as you can see the dang screen they’re printed on. 🙂

      Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. Better searching days ahead!

      1. Depends on your work pattern, Bonnie. I tend to move from office to venues and travel on business so portability is important. It’s frustrating when I’m in another location and my calendar is stuck on my desktop. But if most of your work is done in your office, apps may not be an issue.

    3. I feel your pain here. I just want a calendar with some good functionality that I can sync between my PC, Kindle, laptop, and phone.

      What I would love is some kind of hub that can show my posts that are queued for all of my sites as well as queued tweets and Facebook messages but could also be used for me to make notes on – but that’s a pretty big request. lol

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