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Practice Makes Perfect: Get Habitual Results

    I run development programs with people who are looking to get more from their life.

    One thing people often say to me is, “I need to get results fast!”.

    I then ask them how long they’ve been living with this issue/problem/concern. Usually the answer is “years”. So it’s kind of unrealistic to expect instant results, don’t you think? Lots of people promise just that. What I can tell you after three decades in the people development industry is this: sustainable change on a personal level only comes about through changing your patterns of behaviour: your habitual ways of thinking, doing, being.

    So consider what’s not working for you in the way you manage and run your business. At the root of that is a pattern of behaviour or habitual practices. Focus on changing those and you’ll get better results.

    We are what we repeatedly do. Aristotle.


    8 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect: Get Habitual Results”

    1. Science proves it takes 21 days to break and form a new habit. Why then would people expect to change their life for the better in one day when they don’t change the habit that got them there in the first place?

      Great message!

    2. It really comes down to working with your strengths and weaknesses. I’ve found that even when I’m not to good at one skill, if I change that habit maybe … just maybe I’ll become better at it. Keeping that it mind has helped me. I hope it helps others too.

      1. We’re being re-conditioned into fast and now, even in areas like Pilates it seems! I don’t believe our brains have evolved that much yet though.

    3. Our true human nature comes through at times like this – fast easy results for something that has taken years to get us where we are. And invariably we want to go back to our old habits once we have what we want.

      It requires a whole new mindset and lifestyle changes, not temporary changes if we want permanent results.

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